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Kasauli is underrated. As one of many hill stations in North India, it has received much less attention than other places because it is so close to Delhi. Now, however, it is making a comeback as Kasauli Honeymoon Packages are in demand.


The location of Kasauli, which was once a drawback, is now the reason why it has developed into a honeymoon destination. Due to its relative closeness, natural beauty, evolved infrastructure and old-world charm, Kasauli is one of the top hill stations for couples’ vacations and honeymooners this season.


Why Kasauli?

Kasauli is peaceful. It is one of the few hill stations in India that has somehow maintained an almost British air of formality and decorum. Sometimes, walking around the town in rainy weather is oddly reminiscent of a quaint British Village complete with churches and roundabouts.


While other hill stations have had a steady influx of loud tourists and the industrial hum of commercial activity, Kasauli is removed from the entrapments of the modern world and a throwback to a simpler, quieter time, which is inherently romantic and indistinctly intimate.


What to do?

Kasauli has a lot to offer. Some people lament that there isn’t much to do here but they miss the woods for the trees. While there are relatively few prominent tourist spots and ostentatious activities, Kasauli has everything that one can ask for.


Hidden in the paved walkways off winding paths are some subtle but solid establishments that are institutions in their own right. For example, the Kasauli Club seems like an old and irrelevant artefact from colonial times but in fact, offers some of the most refined and cultured experiences in the eastern hemisphere.


The club was created in 1880 and still operates along the strict guideline and protocols that have made British Clubs so famous and revered. The Kasauli Club has an impressive campus with 6 tennis courts, 3 bars, a comfortable lounge, a grand ballroom, a well-endowed library, a billiards room, cosy accommodations and a surprisingly good wine collection.


The Kasauli Club is home to various social events, cultural presentations and sports competitions throughout the year for those in know. Given the opportunity, it is highly recommended that couples take a tour of the club and spend some quality time here, especially if they appreciate the finer things in life and are willing to follow proper protocol.


Besides the Kasauli Club, the Kasauli Brewery is also worth checking out. It is one of the oldest breweries in India and still uses the age-old processes that work so well. Also called the Solan Brewery, this facility is steeped in history and home to the Indian Pale Ale and the Solan No. 1 brands.


If you are interested in the ancient processes, technology and equipment used to manufacture beer and whiskey; you will find this place to your liking. The Brewery and Distillery are not, however, optimized for tourists and one has to find and follow their path of discovery.


Besides these two landmarks, there are several other places of interest here for the curious. The Gurkha Fort is a magnificent monument to the fiercest fighters in the world and their immortal story while Sunset Point and Lovers Lane are well worth the experience for honeymooners.


Also interesting is the plethora of fruit wines and flower wines that are popular here. If one is interested, there are many orchards ad local winery’s here that produce some notable bouquets of wine that are sweet, pungent and classy, just like Kasauli itself.


Where to stay?

Best hotels in kasauli for couples can range from small and medium size hotels to extravagant resorts. For a honeymoon, it is best to stay at a reputed hotel, which is preferably a part of a bigger hotel chain.


One such place is Amritara The Chateau. It is an opulent-looking resort that has several advantages for couples. The rooms at the resort are very comfortable and luxurious while the food and in-room dining options are great. The resort also organizes a romantic dinner at its rooftop restaurant, which is a must-try experience.


The Chateau also offers some interesting Kasauli Packages for Couples that are specifically designed to help honeymooners get the most out of this colonial hideaway in the Himalayas. If you are starting a love story, Kasauli is the ideal setting where love blooms in every season.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. Do any romantic hotels in Kasauli offer free breakfast?

Ans.Yes. Many hotels in Kasauli offer free breakfast along with the room. Most Couple Packages and Honeymoon Packages include breakfast as a standard part of the package.


Q2. What are the best romantic hotels in Kasauli?

Ans One of the best romantic hotels in Kasauli is The Chateau by Amritara. It is ideal for couples as it affords both seclusion and proximity to many important places and hubs in Kasauli.


Q3 Where to stay in Kasauli for the honeymoon?

Ans The Chateau by Amitara is the best place to stay in Kasauli for Honeymooners. It is a stylish resort that provides privacy for its guests along with a smooth experience. They also organize a romantic dinner at their rooftop restaurant.


Q4 Are Kasauli honeymoon packages expensive?

Ans No. Kasauli honeymoon packages can be quite inexpensive depending on the time of year, the occupancy of the hotel and the length of stay.


Q5 Is Kasauli good for the honeymoon?

Ans Yes. Kasauli is an upmarket and sophisticated town with a charming colonial past that is ideal for a romantic vacation or honeymoon. There are a lot of couple-friendly resorts and activities here along with an abundance of natural beauty.




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