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Coorg is the ultimate destination in the winter. Its cool temperate climate and beautiful surroundings are ideal for a winter vacation that is both memorable and satisfying. Known as “the most beautiful hill station in the south,” “India’s Scotland” and the “Kashmir of South,” Coorg is located at an elevation of about 1500 meters, making it cold enough for welcome change but not too cold for spending time in the great outdoors.


Coorg is also known for its coffee plantations. There is something in the geography and soil of Coorg that creates a highly bio-diverse land rich in life. Besides coffee, Coorg is also home to a variety of other spices and cash crops that leave an alluring and intoxicating everywhere you go. There are also a lot of streams, waterfalls and caves in Coorg which makes it an ideal place for nature lovers. 


This winter, if you are looking for a place to go for a vacation, consider Coorg for a stimulating and enjoyable journey through one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and interesting parts of India. Not only can one get away from the hassles of the city and spend time in a natural paradise, there are also many interesting places to visit near Coorg that are fun and engaging for the whole family. Let's take a look at some of the places to go and things to do in and around Coorg.


What to Do in Coorg


1. Coffee Plantation: The most popular activity for travelers to do in Coorg is to visit a coffee plantation here. Manny plantations organize tours for tourists that demystify the process of making coffee and explain the finer aspects of its farming and processing. If you are a coffee drinker and aficionado, you will surely enjoy the tour. 


2. Elephant Farm: The other unique fixture in Coorg that you must surely experience is the presence of elephant farms in the region. Elephants are native to the jungles of Karnataka and have long been bred and raised here for fieldwork and transportation. At elephant farms, you can bathe and play with elephants and also go on elephant rides to see the beasts up close and learn more about them. 


3. Abbey Falls: Perhaps the best and most famous of all the waterfalls in the region, Abbey Falls is also one of the closest. Located just 1 Km from the city, it is a lively and awe-inspiring place surrounded by spice plantations and tourist activities. If you are interested in natural formations or enjoy famous landmarks, you should check it out. 


4. Omkareshwar Temple: This is perhaps the most famous of all the temples in Coorg and is dedicated to lord Shiva. The temple is said to have been made in 1820 but most likely, like many other structures, it probably replaced an earlier structure, as the spot seems to have been sacred since ancient times. There is a beautiful pool near the temple and 4 minarets that give it a sacred and distinguished air.


What to Look for in a Coorg Resort 


If you are thinking of visiting Coorg, you should do some research beforehand and book your resort in advance. While there are many hotels and resorts in this tourist town, they can fill up fast, both in the Summer and during wintertime. To book a resort that suits you, you should first think about the attributes that you are looking for in a resort.


Even if you are not very brand conscious, when it comes to booking a resort in a faraway place that you have never been to, it is best to go with a name-brand hotel that is a part of a national or international chain instead of a stand-alone property. It is also a good idea to book a resort that is surrounded by the legendary greenery of Coorg. Once you have identified a resort you are interested in, you can book it online or contact the hotel directly for better prices or special deals. 


The Ambatty Greens Resort in Coorg is one of those sublime resorts in Coorg that everyone should visit. Located amid a green patch, the Ambatty Greens has a golf course where you can practice your swing in tranquility and is also very close to several other world-class golf courses that are a pleasure to play in.


The Ambatty Greens Resort is also known for its sophisticated cuisine. Its in-house restaurant called Arabasta is the ideal place to enjoy the amazing culinary tradition of Coorg with food made from fresh ingredients and seasoned with the many exotic spices that grow here in abundance. If you are not in the mood to go to the restaurant, the in-room dining menu contains many gems that you can enjoy in the comfort of your delightful abode. 






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