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Family time is becoming increasingly hard to get. In today’s modern world, with it’s myriad of distractions, demanding work schedules and hyperactive social obligations; it is becoming harder and harder to get some alone time or time with the immediate family. One way to correct this situation and regain balance is frequent and well-timed family vacations or staycations. Here’s how:


Staycations are better than vacations for quality family time because the focus is on spending time together instead of following a tight itinerary. All you need is a change of scenery, pleasing surroundings and a luxurious resort for a week that will do wonders for your family life and overall wellbeing.


For the optimal family staycation, it is important to pick a destination that is family friendly and suitable for all members. If the destination is geared towards a specific age group, it can lead to a loss of group cohesion. Parents can get frustrated and irritated when forced to do children’s activities and children can get bored of too many museums and historic sites.


When picking a destination, it is best to choose one that has universal appeal. Ideally, it should provide a setting that is novel, beautiful and peaceful. Keeping these needs in mind, one of the best places for a family staycation in North India is McLeodganj, on the outskirts of Dharamshala, the land of the Lamas.


Perched at an elevation of 2000 meters, it is a beautiful place with a healthy and wholesome aura. Its proximity to Dharamshala gives it an aura of profound peace, elevated consciousness and solemn introspection. If you feel like stepping out, McLeodganj and Dharamshala offer a number of activities and tourist spots that are suitable and enjoyable for everyone.



About McLeodganj


Built by the British to provide housing and sustenance to troops and officers stationed in the area, McLeodganj is located in a beautiful part of the fabled Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. The city was well-designed and built to last, which made it a popular tourist spot even before the Dalai Lama made it his official home in India.


After the arrival of the Dalai Lama, the town has seen an explosion of interest and has become a hub for Tibetans and Buddhists. Many temples, monasteries and cultural institutions have been built here which have added new life and vibrancy to this ancient town and also given it a holy, saintly feel that can be felt everywhere you go.


In Dharamshala, there are several interesting monuments and markets that are worth visiting. Chief amongst them is the Tsuglagkhang Complex, which is the official home of the Dalai Lama and houses a temple, a library, museum and a café. There are also some interesting markets and restaurants near the complex.


If you are more interested in natural beauty, there are some great places to explore in this region. In the forests around Dharamshala, there is an interesting remnant of the British Raj called St. John Church in the Wilderness. This is a beautiful monument in a beautiful natural setting. The nearby Bhagsu Falls is also a great spot to take in.


However, the main purpose of a staycation is to relax and spend time with family. For this purpose, there are many great resorts in McLeodganj that provide a luxurious and rejuvenating stay in this Buddhist paradise. For maximum convenience and uninterrupted peace, it is better to avail of an all-inclusive package that covers everything, so you can relax and spend quality time with family.



Where to stay


While Dharamshala is a very popular destination, it can become overcrowded and congested, especially during peak season. For a peaceful staycation, it is best to stay in nearby McLeodganj. Here, there is an idyllic resort by Amritara called the Amritara Surya, which is perfect for a family staycation or vacation.


This resort in McLeodganj has amazing views of the Dhauladhar mountain range, elegant interiors, luxurious rooms, impeccable service, an amazing restaurant and the perfect location near the Mall Road. The overall vibe here is peaceful and serene and representative of the spiritual aura of Dharamshala.


The Amritara Surya Mcleodganj also has a full service spa and yoga classes for those interested in wellness and meditation. If you are travelling to McLeodganj for a family staycation, this is one of the best places to stay as it also offers several well-designed and customizable packages that are ideal for families with children.


A week spent in the solitude and sanctity of Dharamshala and the carefully curated experiences and trademark hospitality of Amritara Surya will surely add some work-life balance to your life and enable you to rekindle your relationship with those around you.




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