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Jodhpur is one of the best places to visit in India. It is a large city in the middle of Rajasthan that represents the very best that the state has to offer. The city has a number of ancient and historical sites but also has all the modern conveniences to make all kinds of travellers feel comfortable and at home. Here, one can explore an ancient fort during the day and have a luxurious dinner at night in a modern 5-star hotel.


Since Jodhpur is in the middle of Rajasthan and far away from popular trade and travel routes, the culture here has been preserved remarkably well. Relatively free from outside influences, Jodhpur has developed a rich and vibrant culture that is typical of Rajasthan and firmly anchored to antiquity. For outsiders, it is very interesting to explore the subtleties and nuances of the Jodhpuri way of life.


Visiting Jodhpur


Going to Jodhpur is very easy. One can travel there by car, plane or by train. From Delhi, Jodhpur is about 11 hours driving distance but the highway is very good and there are many places to stop along the way. Jodhpur also has an international airport and can be reached by air in about an hour and a half from Delhi. The train station in Jodhpur is also very good and connects the city to most major cities in India.


You can go to Jodhpur during any season and have a rewarding travel experience. However, the summers are very hot and one must be careful not to get sunstroke. The winters are very pleasant but the nights get surprisingly cold as the city is far away from the ocean and thus has an extreme climate with summers being very hot and the winters very cold. Regardless of when you go, you will surely enjoy your visit to the Blue City.



How to book a hotel in Jodhpur


Since Jodhpur is a very popular destination for Indians and foreigners, there are a lot of different types of hotels and resorts here. Finding one that is perfect for you is a little bit like getting married as luck plays a big part. To enhance your chances of staying at a place that is suitable and enjoyable, you can do some research on the internet. You can then book the hotel through one of these channels:


1. Travel Agents: This is the old and traditional way to book a hotel. You tell all your requirements to a professional travel agent who then hunts for the best and most suitable deal for you. Nowadays, this system is no longer cost effective as people can search for hotels on their own on various travel sites. However, some still use the old system, especially if they do not have time to browse the internet and do not mind paying a commission to he agent.


2. Online Booking Sites: This is by for the most popular way that people book hotels nowadays. Online travel sites such as, makemytrip,com,,, and others provide direct access to the hotels database and allow visitors to search for rooms on their own according to their dates, budgets, location and preferences.


3. Direct Hotel Bookings: Another way to make hotel bookings is to contact the hotel directly. This is the best way to book if you already know what hotel you want to stay in. Most hotels give discounted prices for direct bookings, as they do not have to pay commission to intermediaries. Some also provide additional benefits and add on services to sweeten the deal.


4. Wandering around: This is probably the most risky and adventurous way to find a hotel. Backpackers and long-term travellers favor this method and often don’t make hotel bookings in advance. Instead, they explore the destination first and then figure out what area and property they would like to stay in. This is suitable for solo travelers but can be dangerous if you are travelling with family or in a large group.



Where to stay


One hotel in Jodhpur that is highly recommended is the Manak Haveli by Amritara. This is a great heritage property that offers a good mix of old world charm and modern luxuries. It has a great location in the art district next to Jodhpur Fort and is a convenient place to stay if you want to visit the many attractions that make Jodhpur such a pleasure to visit.


The Manak Haveli allows visitors to stay n the lap of luxury and still explore the hidden gems of Jodhpur. The staff and concierge service at the property are very helpful and arrange customized itineraries for guests depending on their needs and preferences. They are the best source of dependable information in the city and also have in-depth knowledge about local customs and protocols.


The resort has a great swimming pool, an in-house restaurant and an open deck Jacuzzi that comes in handy in the evenings. The food at the hotel is exceptional and can be enjoyed during the daily buffet breakfast, at their in-house restaurant, by the pool or in your own room with the extensive in-room dining options. Overall, the hotel is ideal for those wanting the authentic Jodhpur experience.









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