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Everything You Need to Know About Spending New Year in Kerala.

One of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve is Kerala. It is the ultimate travel destination that offers everything under the sun and during New Year in Kerala, it puts on a show to impress the world. From block parties to parades and houseboats to resort parties, Keralites welcome the New Year like no one else.


New Year celebration in Kerala is part of the culture. The people here are partial to ceremony and ritual and believe in festive life. They take the turning of the year very seriously and enthusiastically participate in both modern and traditional activities to mark the occasion.


What are New Year's rituals?


Keralites have many rituals and traditions concerning New Year celebrations. They start the celebrations 10 days before and organize large parades, parties, and games. They wear traditional costumes, paint elephants, and decorate public places as part of the festivities.


Traditionally, Keralites burn a large “Pappanjali,” somewhat like a large Santa Claus at midnight and enjoy dazzling fireworks. Some are superstitious about the first guest they call to their home in the New Year and are careful to invite someone special on the 1st of January.


Keralites are also accepting of western norms like private parties, beach parties, kissing at midnight, drinking, and making resolutions for the next year. Overall, they have a modern and welcoming outlook on life, which makes visiting Kerala a pleasure at any time.


How is New Year celebrated in Kerala?


Perhaps the Cochin Carnival is the most characteristic part of Kerala’s symphony of New Year celebrations. It’s a 10-day-long parade cum party modeled after the festivals of South America. Participating in the Cochin Carnival is quite an experience and a perfect way to wind down the year.


The festival was started in 1984 by three youngsters, who decided to hold a music festival at Fort Kochi to mark the signing of a UN proclamation mandating 1985 as International Youth Year. Ever since it has become an annual tradition and the highlight of the festivities in Kerala.


If you are visiting Kochi for the Cochin Carnival, there are several good Resorts in Fort Kochi where one can stay. Amritara The Poovath Heritage, Kerala is an excellent option that offers quality services and total comfort. Besides the Cochin Carnival, the overall energy of the New Year celebration in Kochi is something worth witnessing.

Besides Kochi, several other places in Kerala are apt for a perfect New Year celebration in Kerala:


If one is interested in nature and wants to usher in the New Year with peace in a lush green wonderland, there are some good resorts in Thattekad. The best amongst them is Amritara Hornbill Camp, which offers a private forest, a luxurious stay, and ample opportunity for an intimate New Year’s Eve.


If you are looking to visit one of Kerala’s famous pristine beaches for New Year, Mararikulam is a good choice. Here, you can go to a classy resort and celebrate with family and friends. If you are looking for commendable resorts in Mararikulam for a beachy New Year’s Eve, Amritara A Beach Symphony is the top choice.


Another option for great resort for New Year’s Eve is Thekkady in Kerala. It captures the essence of Goa and derives its name from “Thekku,” the local word for “Teak.” Exotic spices grow in the wild here and the aroma of raw cardamom; cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves rent the air. Amongst the best resorts in Thekkady is Amritara Shalimar Spice Garden, which offers a comprehensive and enviable New Year Package that includes staying, all meals, and a party on New Year’s Eve.




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