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Of all the adventure sports, paragliding is perhaps the most fun because it gives you a bird’s eye view of the landscape of the place. Wherever you go, if you know paragliding, you can get a good look at the surrounding areas and a feel for the topography of the region in a relatively short time by going paragliding with a guide or by yourself. Now, Paragliding in Dalhousie is really taking off, providing a convenient place where anyone can go to try the sport and hone their skills.


Going paragliding is not as hard as it seems. If you are in good physical shape and have played sports before, Paragliding is a breeze. During your first few flights, you will be securely fastened and accompanied by a guide. This will reduce the fear, increase safety and help you learn. After you have mastered the sport, you can take off on your own and even take your own tandem passenger with you. 


Paragliding is also a good gateway sport. If you enjoy it and are able to get good at it, you can then try your hand at hang gliding and skydiving, which are closely related. In Skydiving, the last part of your descent after you have deployed your parachute is very much like paragliding and an important step to master before jumping off.


But the main reason why people paraglide is for the novel and exhilarating sensation of soaring like a bird. At a height of 5000 feet, unattached and unencumbered, one gets a god-like feeling as one looks down on all creation, miniscule and ant like. When you touch down safely, you get another big rush as the brain releases several powerful chemicals.



Where to go Paragliding


One of the best and fastest centers for Paragliding is Dalhousie. Near this charming resort town, there is an area called Khajjiar, which has a lake and is famous for adventure sports. Here, you will find a number of companies that will offer you medium and long paragliding trips that can cost anywhere between Rs 1500 and Rs 5500.


There are many different types of gliders available here. Some have the basic harness with ropes for steering while others are more advanced and provide added maneuverability and safety features. Some even have a pod attached to the chute, which makes taking off and landing very easy. Depending on your preference, you will surely find a company, instructor and craft that you are comfortable with.



How to get to Dalhousie


Travelling to Dalhousie is quite easy by road, rail or air. Although the drive to Dalhousie from Delhi is about 12 hours, the roads are quite good and there are many interesting paces along the way. If you are short on time and don’t fancy the road trip, you can take a train or flight to Pathankot, located about 2 and a half hours away from Dalhousie.


From Pathankot, you can take a cab, bus or arrange for the resort or hotel to pick you up. The drive to Dalhousie is quite picturesque in itself and the geography of Khajjiar, located another half an hour after Dalhousie, is approximately the same as Switzerland. Driving around these parts can be quite fun and adventurous as there are several beautiful areas to explore.



Where to Stay


The best place to stay near Dalhousie if you are going for paragliding is the Amritara Hunky Dory Resort & Spa. Located approximately midway between Pathankot and Dalhousie, it is within easy driving distance of Khajjiar and nicely tucked away in a forest area, away from the hustle and bustle of the main city. Here, one can truly enjoy living in nature and also visit Dalhousie and Khajjiar at will.


The Hunky Dory Resort is rated as one of the best resorts in Pathankot and the entire Dalhousie area. With a swimming pool, luxurious rooms, a well fitted spa and authentic north Indian food, it is the ideal sanctum for thrill seekers to hunker down and plan their excursions. The resort also has packages that include adventure sports, which are ideal for anyone new to the area.


After checking in at the Hunky Dory Resort, you need to check the weather report to see what adventure sports are available and when. With a little bit of research and assistance from the resort staff, you will surely be able to chart out a schedule of adventure sports that will give you the thrill that we all need every now and then.


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