amritara suryauday haveli - the entire benaras itself

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The Supreme divinity and serenity of 'Benaras' is beautifully carved in each brick of 'Suryauday Haveli'  whose herculean body stands strong with centuries-old of rich culture and heritage value, near the bank of holy Ganges or Ganga. The astonishing 15 minutes boat ride experience at arrival would make you leave all the chaos behind when you'd sail along with the waves in nature's melody as the birds would sing for you throughout the ride, guiding you towards Shivala Ghat, a private ghat exclusive for the guest's of the Haveli. A classic Indian welcome would await post-arrival with garlands and kumkum tilak, where the flowers of Benarasi culture would sprinkle on you, welcoming you into the Verandah which is an epitome of classic architecture, so please be ready to get mesmerized with its aesthetically amusing setting. The Royal Ambiance of this Haveli would suit all your moods for 4 extremely spacious standard rooms and 9 Riverview rooms are at your service with all Vintage and contemporary facilities for you to unleash an experience which is nothing but serene as gazing into Ganga would imprint something on you that can only be felt and to witness this flamboyance beauty. Apart from this the Haveli also provides a Shivala suite for a rather private setting as the suite has all touches of Benarasi Royalty and Hospitality scattered in a comfortable bedroom and an aesthetically beautiful living room. Apart from this, the effortless hospitality of the hotel staff would make it just right for you. Mouth Smacking Traditional Indian recipes are served with love for all guests on the deck area having more than 700 recipes for you to taste the essence of Benaras. What's in a name they say but Suryauday Haveli is an embodiment of what it's called, for Suryauday or Sunrise is something you can't miss during your stay at the Haveli, to make it even more exciting a hot Kulhad/Earthen cup full of Masala tea is served before you to witness sheer tranquillity as you would see the best Sunrise. Banaras being the very own Land of Lord Shiva also has Kashi Vishwanath Temple which is a few steps away from the Haveli, apart from this you can also witness the beauty of moonlight emitting its essence on Ganga while on a relaxing walk on Shivala Ghat which is open for you at any hour, unlike other Ghats. The Haveli also offers other recreational arrangements such as morning Yoga Sessions, and Classical Benarasi Live music performances on special occasions for you to feel melodies you haven't felt before.

Suryauday Haveli is the entire Benaras in itself, once you enter it.

Enter into Suryauday Haveli, Enter into Benaras.




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