valentine's day getaway in kasauli: a romantic staycation you must visit this year

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This Valentine’s day, why not go all out and celebrate your relationship? If you are lucky enough to be in a romantic relationship, perhaps it’s time to give thanks, be grateful, and cement the bond.


While there are many things you can do for Valentine’s Day, the ultimate gift is a weekend away. This will surely go down well with your mate and also give you the break that you deserve by choosing experiences over material gifts.


But where can you go? While there are many destinations that beckon, seasoned players know that the choice of destination is very important and will ultimately determine how the experience will be. For V-Day, a quiet and secluded spot with plenty of natural beauty is usually the best.


Where to go this valentine day?


This Valentines Day, take a trip to the Himalayan wonderland that is Kasauli. This is one of the best places in the hills and therefore, Valentine’s Day getaways in Kasauli are especially suitable for couples, so let’s take a closer look at this divine destination.


Unlike many of the other popular hill stations, Kasauli is very quiet and clean. It also has a distinctly upmarket and posh vibe because of several important institutions here like The Central Research Institute, several schools, and some army installations.


How to get there to celebrate Valentines Day?


While you can take a flight, train, or bus to Kasauli, a road trip is the best and most romantic way to go. It gives you the chance to take things at your own pace and create your journey. It also allows stopping at various spots along the way as the mood dictates.


Delhi to Kasauli trip is fairly easy. The distance between the two places is only around 300 Km, which can be covered easily in 6-7 hours. The road is very good and travelers have multiple routes that they can take.


If you do not have time for a road trip, you can also take a flight or train. The closest airport is the Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport while the closest train station is Kalka and the closest bus station is Dharampur.


What to do on this valentine day?


Kasauli is a charming place. The usual activity here consists of long walks in the woods, exploring the nearby markets on Mall Road for souvenirs; drinking flower wine, and watching the sun go down from the right spot.


If you have an appetite for tourist places and popular hotspots, Kasauli offers plenty of those as well. The Kasauli Church here is famous and worth visiting. Also, there are several other interesting places to see like the Kasauli Brewery, Gurkha Fort, Monki Point, Gilbert trail, Toy Train Ride, Sunset Point, and much more.



Where to stay?


Of all the resorts in Kasauli, our favorite place to stay is Amritara The Chateau. This is a wonderfully stylish and luxurious resort located just 5 Km from Mall Road and 4 Km from the Dharampur Bus Stand. The resort has free parking for guests who drive and a charming Terrace Garden Restaurant.


What makes Amritara The Chateau special is that it provides excellent views of the hills and the jungle from the rooms with options for a balcony and bathtub. The rooms are very comfortable and provide ample opportunities for privacy and luxury.


The Chateau also organizes an excellent romantic rooftop candlelight dinner for couples. This is a great experience where you can get great views of Kasauli while being pampered with fine cuisine, an impressive wine selection, and a crackling bonfire. All in all, a stay at The Chateau in Kasauli will surely rekindle the fire and make it a memorable Valentine’s Day.





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