Amritara Shalimar Spice Garden - An Amritara Private Hideaway
Murikkady PO, Kumily - 685 535, Kerala
Tel: +91 4869 222132; +91 4869 223232

Local Experiences

Natural Walk and Green Walk
The Guide Day Trek)

It is an interpretive sandal protection trekking programme offering excellent opportunity of watching birds, butterflies and other wildlife through a range of habitats during the 4-5 km 3-hours walk guide. It is a programme where one can feel nature’s whispers and her sigs!

Night Trekking (Jungle Patrol)
Trekking, especially night trekking is also an exciting option for all those who have the energy level to carry of a difficult expedition. For night trekkers, the forest department also provides armed guids. Camping is done when tourists are on a Tiger Trail programme. In this usually, five guides and tow forest officials accompany tourists in order to guide them and also to prevent them from getting lost in the forest area.

Gavi (Jeep Safari through Forest)
Gavi Programme involves a close inter action with Nature, and provides an excellent trails through the midst of the evergreen forests camping sites at meaner and valley view. The trails passes through dense patches of forests where even at mid day, sunlight struggles to penetrate where elephants roam free and where truly man meets nature in all its majesty and glory.

Bamboo Rafting – Dawn to dusk range hiking
This a dawn to dusk range hiking and rafting programme through some of the richest forest of Periyar Tiger Reserve. Starting at 8am from the boat landing, a mosaic of habitats will be traversed before the party gets in to rafts made of bamboos. The forests are rich in bird life and arboreal animals like giant squirrel and Niligiri Languor. The rafting is for about three hours and one gets a panoramic view of forestclad hills reflected on the lake. Animals like elephant, gaur and sambar are sighted keeping close to the edges of the lake. The team hitchhikes back to the boat landing by about 5pm. An armed guard and 4 guides will accompany of maximum of 10 tourists. Tea, snacks and packed Lunch will be served en route.

Tribal Village Visit
(Tribal Heritage Visit – A peep into the past)

A tribal heritage museum built inside the Mannan settlement featuring various types of artifacts related to their ancient agricultural practices, marriage ceremonies, cultural events, dress code, rituals and death ceremonies is the hub of this ecotourism programme. Display of fishing gear, hunting weaponry, indigenous medicine and vessels, cereals, medicinal herbs, bamboo furniture’s etc are other attractions providing a peer into their original culture. Tribal heritage is a two hours programme available on all days from 8 am to 12 non and 2 pm to 4 pm. It involves mainly tribal museum visit and trekking through the tribal hamlet situated within the periphery of Periyar Tiger Reserve accompanied by a travel guide.

Elephant Ride in Spice Plantation
½ an hour ride in spice plantation with photo session.