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About Amritara

Amritara takes you on an unforgettable journey between the fragrance of Goa to cold waves of the Himalayas, Living close to wildlife in Karanataka and embarking towards the serenity of Kerala.
We seek in amplifying the sanctity of Amritsar and then keep you longing for the calmness of the river Ganges. Discovering the royalty of Rajasthan to reliving the Heritage of Banaras, we make sure that we feed the senses of our customers to an extent that they keep us in their memories forever.
Each of our luxurious properties are strategically located & designed keeping in mind the class taste of visitors.
Let's begin life to your journey again.
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Prana Wellness Package

Relax your body & soul

Reclaim your body and soul at Prana Spa. The wellness packages here are collectively known as 'Swasthya Sampat.' Each rejuvenation ritual at Prana Spa is designed step by step for all five tattvas to achieve the right balance between body & mind. Various packages are customized according to individual requirements.

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Prana Wellness Package