Amritara Surajgarh Fort - An Amritara Resort
Jhunjhunu, Near Nagar Palika, Surajgarh, Distt. Jhunjhunu - 333029, Rajasthan
Tel: +91 1596 238370

Local Experiences

  • The Ram Mandir which was built by Jokhi Ramji Kaaya is a beautiful temple with Shekhawati paintings of Hindu Gods on the ceilings and all over the walls.
  • Another eye catching beauty in this area is the Kaayaji Haveli- a large, withering relic so stunning that you can’t help yourself from stopping to appreciate its magnificence.
  • Another must-see landmark here is the Step Well- locally referred to as the Bawdi- it is a structure of about a hundred steps leading downwards to the collected water in the well.
  • Visit to watch Bangle Making – The Shekhawati region produces some of the most exquisite bangles and watching them being created is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on.
  • Last of all, your trip to Surajgarh will be incomplete without experiencing a Camel cart ride.