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Hotel and Resort in Jawai Rajasthan

Amritara Jawai resort

Amritara Jawai is one of the best hotels & resorts in Jawai Bandh.
An ancient land, dominated by craggy granite boulders where the boundaries of the three kingdoms of Marwar, Mewar, and Sirohi once converged. Here the Jawai river and lake formed by the reservoir are the heart and soul of this arid region, providing sustenance to mankind and wildlife.
Nestled at the base of a sheer granite outcrop called Nag Giri or Cobra Mountain is Jawai Sagar. These outcrops are also the abode of the resplendent Indian leopard. The northern edge of the resort is lapped by the waters of the Jawai lake where the Indian Mugger crocodile might be seen basking in the sun while flocks of flamingos and pelicans lazily circle the waters.
At night the stars shine in the clear skies and the waters of the lake shimmer in the moonlight. The silent night only broken by the call of the great horned owl as he alerts the animals of the prowling Leopard.

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