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Our Stay, Rajasthan

While most hotels claim to be boutique, Gogunda Palace Udaipur is among the few where each room and suite is different from each other. 7 years of loving restoration have put back every original detail – be it murals, woodwork, Jharokhas and the gorgeous yellow ochre palace, which now nestles lazily making for a vivid portrait against the pink bougainvilleas.

Palace Room

Starting category of the Palace en suite with area size varying from 270 to 350 square feet. They can only accommodate maximum of 2 adults. (No children or third person)

Area : 260 Sq. Ft.

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Heritage Suite

Old world charm and the potent spell of old Rajasthani charm beckon you into our Heritage suites. High ceilings, graceful decor, four-poster beds, marble carved shower trays and bathrooms with patterned marble decorate this luxurious space.

Area : 320 Sq. Ft.

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Gogunda Suite

The best of Rajasthan and Gogunda come together bringing you rooms and suites with hand painted walls, old murals and palatial bathrooms

Area : 360 Sq. Ft.

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Raj Mahal Suite

The Raj Mahal suites blend vivid colour, rich upholstery with marble, wood and stone accents to make every room inviting and comforting. The bathrooms rival their opulence with marble inlay patterns as well as marble carved shower bases handcrafted by local artisans. The walls are adorned with murals or mirror work with traditional Jarokhas that house small niches, to create natural mood lighting. Separate living and sleeping rooms offer families the privacy they need. The inner most rooms are reserved for slumber as they are known to remain cool in the summer and warm in the winters.

If you have ever wanted to enjoy a day in the 16th century life of a Rajput King or Queen this certainly is your golden opportunity.

Area : 420 Sq. Ft.

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Raj Tilak Suite

The Raj Tilak suite was the celebrated venue that witnessed the magnificent coronation of Kunwar Pratap Singh, giving him the title of Maharana Pratap. Elegantly adorned with hand-painted murals, hand-carved wood, stone, and marble, this suite stands out for its lowered entranceway. As this was the venue of coronation, it was decreed that one should be in a position to have his head raised in front of Maharana Pratap, thereby making the door low so they all entered with their heads deferentially bowed.

Area : 1700 Sq. Ft.

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