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Kochi is an amazing city. Not only does it have some wonderful historical and cultural places, but there is also a buzzing nightlife in Kochi that you can enjoy when you are done with your day. But if you are not from Kochi, it can be hard to figure out where to go and what to do.


Although Kochi is a big city with a big population of youngsters, its culture is very different from that of India’s big four cosmopolitan cities. The people here are more relaxed, cultured, and reserved compared to the typical big cities of the world and its nightlife is more nuanced and layered.


Historically, Kochi has been a world-renowned trading port since the 14th century and has always had a large influx of foreign tourists who want something to do at night. Add to this its large Christian population with a rich tradition of going out and socializing, and you get a city that has many small and hidden scenes that have to be discovered.


There are very few large discotheques, dance clubs, or rowdy public squares here. Instead, people like to go to small cafes, bars, private parties, and cultural shows. Live music and Kathakali Dance are very popular here, as are films and theatre. The locals here often take in a show or movie before going to a pub or bar at night.


Theatre in Kochi


Popular theatres in Kochi include Kanoos Theatre, Anna Digital Cinemas, Casino Theatre, Chitranajali Theatre, Carnival Cinema, Majestic talkies, and Multiplexes like PVR cinemas and Q cinemas. Here, one can enjoy local Malayalam cinema or choose from a smorgasbord of international offerings.


Dance in Kochi


Kathakali Dance is also very popular here. The Kerala Kathakali Center in Kochi is the place to go for mesmerizing performances. It is frequented by tourists and locals alike and the art form has evolved to very high standards.


Street Food in Kochi


The concept of street food has taken hold in Kochi. There are many “Thattu Kadas” here, which roughly translates to “roadside eatery.” These places are small cabins or stalls that can be found all over the city and offer homemade local specialties. Eating at these roadside places is one of the most authentic experiences you can have here.


Most of the street food places are open late into the night and offer a convenient, cheap, and fast way to get a bite to eat while you are out and about in the city. Some of the popular dishes served here are Puttu Kadala, Thattu Dosa, Kappa Boti, Fish Molly, Breudher Bread, Kurukku Kalan, Appam, and Stew.


Restaurants in Kochi


The cuisine of Kochi is in no way limited to street food. There are many fine-dining restaurants here that offer some of the most sophisticated gastronomical experiences in the world. If you are a foodie, there are many places to visit in Kochi at night.


Some of the best restaurants in Kochi include Malabar Café, Masala, Cassava, Ciao Cochin, Kochi Kitchen, Rasoi Fort Kochi, The Rice Boat, Farmers Café, Lilliput, Mary’s Kitchen, Fusion Bay, The Verandah, etc.


Pubs and Bars in Kochi


After taking in a show and getting a bite to eat, one can also venture into one of Kochi’s many pubs, bars, and lounges. There is quite a variety of these small watering holes all over the city which range from small rooms in back streets to very elaborate and fancy affairs.


Tandav is a fancy place with fashionable music and dancing. Glow Disco Bar is also very popular, especially with the younger crowd, and often features live performances. Another spot worth mentioning is Sand Dunes, located in Kochi's Abhilasha Complex. The atmosphere here is lively and energetic and there are many people dancing and swaying to the music late into the night.


Besides these standard places, there are many hidden gems and things to do in Kochi at night.


Stay in Kochi


If you are thinking of visiting Kochi, make sure you plan your trip in advance and stay at a hotel that is close to the center of the city. One of the best options in Kochi is Amritara, The Poovath Beachfront Heritage, Fort Kochi.


This resort is located inside Fort Kochi and is the perfect place to make your base as you explore the city. It offers comfortable rooms, great service, and a restaurant; The Verandah is one of the best places in the city to start your night. Bon, voyage!


                                                                      Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Which are the best things to do in Kochi at night?


Ans. In Kochi, you can see films, and cultural shows, experience Kathakali Dance performances, try street food, check out restaurants, visit pubs, go dancing at restro-bars, and much more.

Q2. What are the best places to visit in Kochi at night?


Ans. The best places to visit in Kochi at night are: Sky Grill Lounge and Restaurant, Armoury Café, Velocity, Ava Lounge, Longitude 76, Mezzo, Seagull, Mattancherry Bar, Colony Clubhouse, The Voyager, Glow etc.

Q3. Does Kochi have nightlife?


Ans. Kochi does have nightlife but it is milder than most cosmopolitan cities and less apparent and open.

Q4. Is Fort Kochi open at night?


Ans. Fort Kochi is open until 7pm but there are places around it that are open late into the night including street food places called “Thattu Kadas.”




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