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Every year, Valentine’s Day is a boon for some couples and a bane for others. For the uninitiated, this day of love can be confusing, awkward, and detrimental to their relationship while others thrive and use it to take their relationship to the next level. This year, why not plan something special like a surprise Valentine’s Day Getaway in Mussoorie instead of wasting the opportunity?


A Valentine’s Day Getaway has several advantages. Instead of becoming prey to prying eyes and fodder for comments, a getaway allows you to spend time with your better half in the privacy and comfort of a hidden resort so love can bloom.


Also, instead of investing in fleeting machinations of material possessions like jewelry and expensive gifts that only serve as obstacles between people, isn’t it better to make lifelong memories with those who truly matter to you and who will be there with you for everlasting eternity? We think so.



Where to go


As far as hill stations go, Mussoorie or Mansuri is perhaps the most revered classic. Earlier, this was the gold standard for the most scenic and romantic hill stations in India for several good reasons. Due to the many elite boarding schools in the vicinity, it was heavily popularized and quickly developed early on.  


These boarding schools in and around Mussoorie used to be a status symbol and its many students have romanticized this town and given it a nostalgic and iconic appeal. Many of these students returned to Mussoorie after growing up and added to the town in many different ways.


Overall, Mussoorie has everything you can expect from a hill station. Pretty hillocks, meandering pathways, chilly climes, waterfalls, lakes, secluded spots, adventure sports, awe-inspiring views, and charming little bazaars are all the norm when you come to this exciting mountainside resort town.


What to do


There are so many things to do in Mussoorie that you can spend a whole month here without getting bored or covering everything. Whatever you poison, it is readily available here. Although couples usually end up spending all their time lazing around their resorts or cabins, it’s always good to know that should they feel like venturing out, there are options aplenty.


Mall Road is in the center of town. It is a fun place to shop and a great way to start your stay in Mussoorie. Here, one is instantly oriented to the local mindscape and can get the latest news and current information related to the pulse of the people.


For shoppers, Mall Road is a veritable treasure hunt where you can get a surprising number of interesting things that are unique to Mussoorie.  You can buy authentic local handicrafts and genuine antiques and select imported items from China and the Far East. There is also a large selection of colonial-era artifacts and replicas that can be bought.


Besides shopping, there are a goodly number of natural sights and sounds in Mussoorie that are worth visiting. Most people visit the classic Kempty Falls and the archetypal Clouds End religiously but there are a lot of other hidden and not-so-hidden gems around these parts that can be excavated.


Surprisingly, there are a lot of good eateries in Mussoorie. The Hinge café, Pebble Street, The Tavern, the Ginza, and Tibetan Kitchen are all competent places with a lively atmosphere where one can get wholesome food and friendly service.


Besides these, several quirky, juvenile, and romantic things are popular here like horse riding, roller skating, sharing ice cream sundaes, and buying matching caps that will make you smile.



Where to stay


Of all the resorts in Mussoorie, the best place to stay, for our money, is the Yog Wellness Resort & Spa by Amritara. This unique and sophisticated health resort and spa is proudly vegetarian and provides an incredible ambiance for guests looking for a sublime experience.


Their in-house restaurant, Sattvik serves some unforgettable dishes that are healthy and delicious while their renowned Spa called Prana offers world-class massages and serious therapies that will improve your health, address problem areas and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Unlike other resorts, the ambiance of Yog Wellness is peaceful and measured, making it the ideal place to visit as a couple. There are plenty of activities within the resort that ensure that you or your partner will never get bored.


The offerings include an infinity-edge swimming pool, table tennis, pool table, badminton, cooking classes, and yoga sessions. They also have a well-connected business center and rolling lawns for events and gatherings.


Thus we see if you choose to visit Mussoorie for Valentine’s Day, you will not be disappointed and may fall in love with this cute little resort town where love is always in the air.




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