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The Thattekad Bird sanctuary is one of India’s best and most popular places for Bird Watching. The area has a unique geography that attracts hundreds of bird species from all over the world and is the best place to observe them all in one spot. For this reason, thousands of professional and amateur Bird Watchers or “Birders” come here every month.


Even if you are not interested in bird watching, Thattekad is a great place to visit as it is a lush green forest with plenty of natural beauty and a pristine environment that is a pleasure to experience. Due to the protection given to this area by the sanctuary, there is no pollution or artificial developments to spoil nature’s many wonders.


About Thattekad


The name “Thattekad” literally means “Flat Forest” and perfectly describes this area and its distinct geography. The Thattekad Bird Sanctuary located here is only 25 square Kilometers but is teaming with life. Dr. Salim Ali, who was a famous Ornithologist from India, first discovered this area and instantly recognized its value. He was instrumental in making it a tourist attraction and in creating the sanctuary to safeguard this precious and delicate resource.


Today, there is a Dr. Salim Museum here that is dedicated to birds and is very interesting to visit. Here, one can learn a lot about birds in general and the various species that are found here in particular. The museum also has a gift shop where tourists can purchase souvenirs and mementos to mark their trip and buy gifts that they can take home for their loved ones. A trip to the museum is sure to interest children and adults while encouraging them to take an interest in Bird Watching, which can be a fun and rewarding hobby.


Travelling to Thattekad


Thattekad is located in Kerala, about 12 Kms from Kothamangalam. The best way to reach there is by flying to Kochi and then taking a 2-hour road trip to Thattekad. You can also get there by train as there is a Train Station in Aluva, which is about 45 Kms away. There is also a bus service to Kothamangalam that is very convenient.


You can visit Thattekad at any time but the spring is especially beautiful. Besides a plethora of birds, one can also see many beautiful flowers bloom and other animals roaming about. In the winters, there are some special kinds of migratory birds that come from many far of places and are prized by Ornithologists. Whatever time you decide to come here, you will be bowled over by the natural beauty of Thattekad.


What to do in Thattekad


There are some interesting tourist spots in and around Thattekad but the main reason that people come here is to be close to nature and to observe the 300 plus bird species that dwell here. Simply being around the bio-rich sanctuary and walking around the heavily wooded areas around the sanctuary can be very therapeutic and is therefore very popular with city folk and naturalists.


One can also go Kayaking in Thattekad as the river is quite serene and offers plenty of opportunity for boating and Kayaking. Travelling down river is very relaxing as the river does most of the work and from its waters, one can spot many interesting sights including animals such as deer, sloth bears, porcupines, monkeys, boar etc.


Around Thattekad, there are some interesting natural formations, temples, amusement parks and playgrounds that are worth exploring. The Bhoothathankettu Dam is located close by and is a popular place for picnicking as there is a children’s park and reservoir located next to it. There is also a butterfly park close by that features a large number of butterfly species and subspecies that one can learn about. The government has made some specially demarcated trails that one can explore without fear of getting lost.  


Resorts near Thattekad


Although Thattekad is a small place, there are some good resorts here. The best one is the Amritara Riverside Luxury Tents. This property was earlier called Camp Hornbill and is famous amongst Bird Watchers. Here, guests can stay in tents alongside the beautiful Periyar River and get an authentic feel for the place.


As the name suggests, the Amritara Riverside Luxury Tents are lavish abodes akin to “Glamping” and provide guests with every facility and service imaginable. From the tents, guests get an amazing view of the river and surrounding areas and can spot many birds and animals from the comfort of the sitting area that comes with each tent. Birds such as the Night Heron, Eagle Owl, Spotted Owl Flycatcher, Bulbuls and other birds can be seen with the naked eye throughout the day.


Guests can also choose between River View Tents and Forest View Tents depending on their preference and can take long walks in the area as it is very safe. The staff here is very helpful and takes special care of the guests as the property is far away from civilization. The atmosphere here is very family friendly and couple friendly, making it the ideal place to take children to get them interested in the natural world.







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