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If you are travelling to Gangtok in Sikkim and looking for a good place to stay, look no further. In this blog, we will explore this amazing destination and shortlist one hotel that will meet all your criteria for a comfortable stay and a great experience in this mountain city on the eastern edges of the country. Let’s start by taking a quick look at Gangtok and what makes it so special.


About Gangtok


Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim, one of India’s smallest and prettiest states. This state was made into a Buddhist retreat in 1870 and has since embraced the Buddhist way of life. There are many Buddhist monasteries here along with plenty of monks and pilgrims. Since the state became a part of India only recently in 1975, it has an international vibe to it that is unique and different from any other place in the nation.


Tourists love Gangtok because of its natural beauty, architecture, peaceful vibes, great food and its adventure activities. One can spend the whole day walking around Gangtok and exploring a treasure trove of shops, temples, monasteries, libraries and landmarks. One can also take a ride in the iconic cable car here and the small-gauge “toy train” that connects to nearby places.


What to do


Once you get to Gangtok, you will have no shortage of interesting places to visit and areas to explore. You should begin by taking a walk around the city center to get the pulse of the city. After that, there are a number of landmarks and tourist attractions in Gangtok that everyone should visit to make their trip complete. Here are some of the best and most famous spots:


1. Cable Car Ride: Take a ride in the iconic cable car of Gangtok that provides amazing views of the majestic mountains, cityscape and valleys below. The 1 km zig-zag journey starts from Deorali and ends in Tashiling. The cable car holds a maximum of 24 passengers, services a total of 3 stations and is one of the must-do things in Gangtok.


2. M.G. Marg: This is the main road of Gangtok. Like the mall roads of Indian Hill Stations, it is the center of the city and houses many of the most important shopping complexes, shops, hotels and offices along with some amazing restaurants. Visitors can walk around this area in the evening to get an in-depth feel for the place and its unique culture.


3. Lal Bazaar: This is a local market that is favored by artists and artisans of Gangtok. Here, you can buy some rare and authentic items such as local clothes, food items, handicrafts, spices, commodities, souvenirs, local crafts and more. It is the best place to visit if you want to buy something for  your home or gifts for people back home.


4. Tsuk La Khang Monastery: There are many monasteries in Gangtok but the Tsuk La Khang is one of the most important and popular places of worship for Buddhists here. Located inside the Royal Palace Complex, this monastery houses a big collection of Buddhist artifacts, art, scriptures and other works. If you are interested in Buddhism or Buddhist culture, this is the place to start.


5. Seven Sisters Waterfall: A beautiful and magical place, the Seven Sisters Waterfall is a collection of seven waterfalls that together make up a riveting scene of natural beauty that typifies the distinct character of the state. The area around the waterfall is covered by lush green forests with many idyllic spots for picnicking.


6. Tsomgo Lake: This picturesque lake is also called Changu Lake and is located about 40 Kms from Gangtok. Within 15 Kms, visitors ascend 5000 ft as the lake is located at an elevation of 10000 ft. compared to Gangtok, which has an elevation of 5500 ft. The area around the lake is very beautiful and the vibe here is very serene and peaceful. It is an ideal place to click some memorable photographs and to explore the area.


7. Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary: This is a protected space that is home to over 40 different species of Rhododendrons which display some of the most vibrant colors found in nature, especially when they bloom in springtime. If you are interested in nature and natural beauty, you will love visiting this place and finding out more about the flora and fauna of Sikkim. There are also some hot water springs here that produce naturally hot mineral water.


Where to stay


One great hotel in Gangtok that is perfect for tourists on vacation is the Amritara Luxury Villa Tosca. This is a lavish new property that is ideal for a family vacation, large group or corporate travellers. Located near the city center, it allows guests to easily access the best places in Gangtok while providing comfortable accommodations and delicious food.


The Amritara Luxury Tosca Villa has a number of interesting accommodations including deluxe rooms, luxury suites and stand-alone villas that are ideal for any purpose. Many of these rooms and suites come equipped with a balcony that is very useful for taking in the breathtaking views of Gangtok including the famous Kanchenjunga Mountain. Overall, this hotel is one of the best places to stay in Gangtok and will make your vacation even more memorable and enjoyable.





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