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If you want to go on a weekend getaway from Kochi, there are several good options. The best amongst them is Thattekad, a unique area that is home to over 300 different bird species due to its unusual geography and moist climate. This area is the natural habitat for a large number of beautiful birds along with some majestic creatures that have inhabited these lands for millennia.

A large number of people come to Thattekad from al lover the world to check out the rich flora and fauna here and to spend time in nature. Since Thattekad is located next to the Periyar River, there is ample opportunity for adventure sports such as swimming, boating, river crossing, trekking, wildlife safari and more. There are also a large number of young and interesting people here at all times, making it a good place to socialize and swap stories with fellow travellers.


Why Thattekad


While some may not have heard of Thattekad, it is very famous among naturalists and bird watchers. The natural beauty of this place is legendary and the unspoiled forests here are a idyllic playground for those interested in reconnecting with the natural world. Regardless of if you are into bird watching or not, a stay in these forests is sure to provide an invigorating experience that will rejuvenate and refresh you.


Since Thattekad is so close to Kochi, one can go there for the weekend or stay there and then commute to Kochi for work. The drive is quick and painless and having a car there is a great help if you feel like getting around and exploring the area around the bird sanctuary. Thus, it is best to co me here by car even though there are other options available


What to do in Thattekad


There are some interesting tourist attractions in Thattekad but the most important one is undoubtedly the Dr. Salim Bird Sanctuary. This is a 25 square kms area that is full of birds and beautiful deciduous trees. Besides exploring this paradise, one can also visit some other places of interest nearby. There are some amusement parks and playgrounds here for children along with an interesting butterfly park that has a large number of butterfly species.


Besides the bird sanctuary, there is also a famous museum here called the Dr. Salim Ali Museum of Ornithology that is very helpful and educational if one wants to learn more about birds and the science of Ornithology. The museum has many skeletons, artworks and exhibits along with a shop where one can buy books, posters and other things related to birds.


There is also an interesting dam here called the Bhoothathankettu Dam, which forms a large reservoir that is popular with tourists. Here, one can swim, picnic, trek and explore as the area is very beautiful. Depending on the season, the reservoir can also be used for boating or swimming but one has to be careful, as the waters here are very unpredictable.


Last but not least, there is an interesting Elephant Sanctuary near Thattekad called the Kodanad Elephant Park. Here, one can learn more about Elephants, go on elephant rides and interact with the locals who have bred and trained elephants for hundreds of years. The place has a very peaceful and serene vibe and the people here are very hospitable to tourists if you show them the proper respect.



Where to stay


Earlier, tourists coming to Thattekad had very limited options when it came to resorts, as there were no posh properties here. Now, the Amritara Riverside Luxury tents provide the perfect place where visitors can stay in immaculate luxury and comfort as they explore nature and go bird watching. The resort is a part of the Amritara Group of Hotels and offers unmatched luxury along with great north Indian food that will take your breath away.

The resort is constructed next to the Periyar River and offers luxury tents that come with attached bathrooms, phones, TVs and other luxuries. This allows visitors to get an authentic jungle experience without the risks that are typically associated with camping. The staff here is very helpful and will make you feel safe while providing dependable information on what to do and where to go.


The most interesting part of staying at the Amritara Riverside Luxury Tents are the many trails that take visitors deep inside the forests where one can spot birds and animals of different types. The tails ensure that you don’t get lost and lead you back to the resort in a circular format. Besides bird watching, guests can also engage in a number of interesting activities organized by the resort and take excursions to nearby places of interest. Overall, Thattekad and The Riverside Luxury Tents offer one of the most authentic jungle experiences available in India.







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