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Mcleodganj is a must-visit hill station next to Dharamshala in Himacchal Pradesh. With beautiful landscapes, Buddhist vibes and great Tibetan food, Mcleodganj is the ideal hill station for you, specially if you are interested in exploring the unique art, culture and cuisine of this region. For this purpose, the best place to stay is in or near the Main Market of Mcleodgang.


There are many hotels in Mcleodganj Main Market, which allow you to easily access the famous landmarks and tourist attractions here and also give you easy access to a host of different shops and restaurants. Some of the restaurants and eateries here are world famous and attract a surprisingly high number of customers everyday.


About Mcleaodganj


Mcleoadganj was founded by the British as a summer retreat but got a fresh infusion of interest and investment when the Dalai Lama shifted his base to Dharamshala, which lies nearby. With the Dalai Lama came a number of followers, administrators, monks and thinkers who have made this a bustling center of culture and tourism. The residence of the Dalai Lama and the monastery built by him are amongst the most popular tourist attractions here along with some beautiful natural formations and colonial era monuments.


The town of Mcloeadganj has its own charm and most of the activity is centered around the Main Market close to the Mall Road. The Mall road is the main artery of the town and the market is a central meting place of people, cultures and ideas. There are several good shops and grocery stores in the market along with bookshops, antique shops, handicraft stores and many restaurants serving authentic local and Tibetan fare.


The Tibetan Flea market nearby is especially famous as you can buy some amazing locally made products here at bargain prices. From food products made of locally grown fruit to wooden “Dharamchakras” and wooden sandals, you can buy many great souvenirs and gifts here that will be a lasting reminder of your trip. The quality and design of most local products are very good and you can occasionally snare a great find.


There are also some good hotels in the area that allow you to stay near the heart of the action. If you are visiting Mcleodganj for a few days, it is best to stay in or near the market so that you don’t spend time travelling. You can simply step outside for a walk around the market to get whatever you want and to discover the best of what Mcleodganj has to offer.


Dharamshala is only a short 20 minute drive away and so are the other tourist attractions in the area like the Bhagsunag Waterfall. But instead of rushing from one tourist stop to another, the real way to experience Mcleodganj is to spend time taking to locals, meeting fellow travellers and discovering the city for yourself.




Where to stay


The best hotel in the Mcleodganj Main Market is the Amritara Surya. This is a luxurious 5-star hotel that belongs to the acclaimed Amritara Group of Hotels. The property is well designed, well managed and has a great location within walking distance of the Mall Road, the Tibetan Flea Market and the Dalai Lama temple.


The overall décor and vibe at the Amritara Surya is befitting of this sacred place and the hotel has a great spa that offers a wide variety of wellness treatments and yoga classes. To truly enjoy the spirit of the twin cities of Mcleaodganj and Dharamshala, the Surya is the ideal place to stay for a serene and engaging travel expereince.




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