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November is a magical month in India. It signals the start of winter in earnest and also announces the start of the social season. Since India is a hot country and it is prohibitively hot in the summers, people normally come out in the winters when the weather is pleasant and there is a slight chill in the air. India’s main festival, Diwali, also happens to occur in November along with many regional festivals and holidays.


Instead of taking your winter vacation in December, as is the norm, it may make more sense to beat the system and do it earlier in November. This will allow you to miss the holiday rush and also start your festive season earlier. There are plenty of great destinations in India that are perfect for a November affair and provide an apt way to kick off your social season. Lets take a look at some of the best places that you should consider:


Best Places to visit in November


1. Mussoorie: They say that everyone visits hills station in the summer but only real fans go there in the winter. If you are looking for a pretty mountain escape, Mussoorie in November is easily the first and best choice. In November, many Mussoorie schools and colleges begin to break for the winter. This adds activity and excitement to this already charming township. During this time, the hillside is overrun by large groups of students and parents roaming about while all the vendors are out in full force.



If you decide to visit Mussoorie in November or at any other time, the best place to stay there is the Yog Wellness Resort and Spa in Barlow Ganj, Mussoorie. This is a fashionable and sophisticated resort with healing vibes and great hill views all around. It is the ideal place to relax in a pure and sanctified environment for a sacred start to your year. From here, you can also easily visit the major markets and attractions while the in-house spa provides ample opportunity for healing and wellness.


2. Varanasi: In November, this ancient temple town holds a spectacular and awe inspiring festival call Dev Deepawali. On this occasion, the Ganga River is lit up with thousands of floating candles and diyas and a special session of aarti prayers is recited. People come from faraway places to see this sight and to enjoy the best of Varanasi during this festive time. Due to its many religious institutions, temples and sacred spots, the city celebrates the festival of Diwali unlike any other.



If you plan on visiting Varanasi and want to stay in or near a ghat by the river to experience the city’s most iconic feature, the best place to stay here is the Amritara Suryauday Haveli located on Shivala Ghat Road, right next to the Shiv Mandir. This is a luxurious abode in the middle of the bustling city of Varanasi and provides an interesting travel experience of staying inside a renovated palace built by the royal family of Nepal for their personal use whenever they visited the holy city.


3. Coorg: Known for its coffee, tea and other interesting fauna and flora, the exotic hill station of Coorg is awash with enlivening aromas and lush greenery. Its unique weather and meandering streams provide the prefect cover for a thick propagation of animal and plant life. One of the most popular things to do in Coorg is to visit a Coffee plantation and this even more enjoyable in November, when the annual Puthari festival is celebrated at the time of harvest.



A great place to stay in Coorg that is an absolute heaven for golfers is the Amritara Ambatty Greens Resort located in Bitangalla next to the Coorg Golf Links. This beautiful resort also has a golf course on the premises and is cocooned by lush green forests that guests can explore. The resort is also very close to several other courses, fields and plantations.


4. Amritsar: The best time to visit Amritsar and its most iconic landmark, the Golden Temple, is during Guru Nanak Jayanti, which usually falls in November. This is the time when Amritsar steps out in style. All the buildings and public spaces are nicely decorated while the Golden Temple is lit up for various mesmerizing ceremonies and events that are a pleasure to witness.



If you visit Amritsar, it is best to stay in the heart of the city where all the action is. This area is close to the Golden Temple, the Gobindgarh Fort and several other key places in the city. Luckily, there are two very conveniently located properties here by Amritara called the Amritara Sadka, located inside the Hall Gate and Amritara Kripa, in the actual Hall Bazaar. These are the best places to stay for a comfortable trip to Amritsar.




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