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Gangtok is a heavenly and beautiful city in the northeast part of India. The capital of Sikkim, it was established as a Buddhist settlement before it became the capital of the kingdom. Sikkim was earlier an independent monarchy but then became a part of India in 1975. It still retains its Buddhist vibe and if you are visiting the city, there are many great places to see and luxurious hotels in Gangtok that offer amazing prices and robust hospitality.


The best way to get to Gangtok is to fly. You can fly to the seasonal Pakyong Airport, about 30 Kms from Gangtok or to Bagdogra airport in Siliguri, West Bengal and then take a taxi to Gangtok, which is about 70 kms away. You can also fly to Bhadrapur, Biratnagar or Saidpur. There are many direct flights to these airports from Delhi and other major cities and taxis are easily available.


Once in Gangtok, you will be surprised by its unique architecture, gentle people and rich culture. If you walk around the city, you will get a distinctly Indian feel blended with the characteristic cultures of Tibet and Nepal. Gangtok is 1650 mtrs. or 5500 feet above sea level and its high elevation is a key aspect of the way of life here.



What to do in Gangtok


If you are vising Gangtok for a week or even a month, there is enough here to keep you occupied. Depending on your area of interest, Gangtok has some amazing restaurants, historical monuments, natural beauty spots, cultural places and adventure activities. Here are some of the best of what Gangtok has to offer:


1. Cable Car: This is an iconic feature of Sikkim’s capital city and a box that you must tick. Riding on the cable car gives you an incredible view of the city and also allows quick transportation. The ticket costs Rs. 110 and there are multiple stops or stations along the way where you can get off and explore.


2. Yak Safari: This is probably the second most popular activity amongst tourists because the Yak is a majestic and funny animal. This beast of the mountains holds special significance for the people of this area and other mountainous regions because it provides milk, meat, transportation and more. Riding this magnificent beast is definitely an experience worth having.


3. Paragliding: There is no better way to check out the unique geography and mesmerizing natural beauty of the area than gliding over it strapped to a glider. You can take paragliding classes in Gangtok and go for long rides by yourself or with the help of an experienced guide.


4. M.G Marg: This is the town center or main street of Gangtok where people congregate. It has many amazing restaurants, bakeries, shops and activities where you can interact with locals and other travellers. Here, you will see posh western cafes next to ancient-looking traditional joints. If you like Tibetan food, you will love it here.  


5. Seven Sisters Waterfall: A beautiful natural waterfall located beside the national highway, this is a great place to visit for a picnic. You can get some great pictures here and explore the lush forests that surrounding this sublime and scenic place.


6. Rumtek Monastary: A visit to Gangtok is incomplete without visiting some of its exquisite monasteries where you can understand, but also get a feel for, the local culture. Rumtek is one of the biggest and most popular monasteries here and stores authentic local art and artifacts. A visit to this place will surely soothe the soul and satisfy your curiosities about Gompas.



Where to Stay


While there are many interesting hotels and resorts in Gangtok, the Amritara Hidden Land is the most comfortable, reasonably priced and has the most convenient location, right on M. G. Road. In fact, it offers one of the best Gangtok MG Marg hotel price for comparable quality of any resort in the vicinity.


The resort offers the trademark Amritara brand of hospitality with great food, great experiences and a touch of class. Lavishly built and well adorned, this resort has become highly acclaimed and top rated in a very short period of time. It is ideally placed to give you easy access to many of the best tourist spots while surrounded by forests and waterfalls.


The Amritara Hidden Land is a new resort that opened up in 2019 and has an in-house café, restaurant, bar, bookshop, boutique and even a small but tasteful banquet hall. The staff at the hotel is extremely helpful and will help you organize your daily excursions as you explore this magical and hidden land.


With Amritara’s bespoke hospitality and some good luck with the weather, you are sure to have the time of your life at this little known destination on the edge of civilization.






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