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If you are travelling to Mcleodganj and looking for 5 star resorts in the area, the Surya by Amritara is probably your best bet. Located in the center of town, near the Mall Road, the Tibetan Flea Market and Dalai Lama temple, this is a new and fascinating hotel that has made it much easier to travel to the sacred Buddhist paradise of Mcleodganj.


Mcleodganj developed as hill station fairly early, when officers of the British Raj set up camp here for training and housing soldiers. No doubt they were attracted by the cold climate and interesting geography of the area and wanted a summer retreat during the hot summer months. After the raj, Indians continued to vacation here, infusing fresh capital into the region.


Things took a surprising turn when the Dalai Lama left China and was given a a special space in India by the government. He was relocated to Dharamshala along with a large number of followers who are largely responsible for making Dharamshala and Mcleodganj the vibrant communities that they are today.


Today Dharamshala and Mcleodganj are bustling centers of activity. There are many interesting events and festivals held here while the local monasteries and temples are truly exquisite. Only a few kms away, there are many adventure sports that tourists can experience including paragliding, boating, trekking, whitewater rafting, etc. Regardless of your interests and requirements, you are sure to have a great time in this remarkable city.


Shopping in Mcleodganj


While it may not appear to be the biggest or savviest of shopping districts, the Main Market of Mcleodganj located on the Mall Road holds many treasures for tourists. Discerning shoppers will discover a galaxy of rare and fascinating delights ranging from Tibetan to early Victorian artifacts, antiques and collectables. Some people are choosy about what they buy for their home but even the most demanding purists will find something or other of value here.


Besides antiques, the market also offers some interesting locally made handicrafts including jewelry, furniture, curios, belts, toys and luggage. One can also enjoy some fresh produce and preserves made from fresh organic fruits and nuts from the local orchards. The flower wines here are famous and are made from actual flowers.



Resorts in Mcleodganj


Despite a heavy inflow of tourists and pilgrims to Mcleodganj and Dharamshala, there are very few good resorts here. This is because of the abundance of small, locally owned hotels that are preffered by pilgrims and single travellers who come here to learn about Buddhism. If you are looking for a good, upscale and luxurious resort, you may have to hunt around.


One of the best 5 star resorts in Mcleodganj is The Surya by Amritara. This hotel is ideally located on the Mall Road and provides guests with every facility and amenity that you can expect from a world-class property. The hotel is very safe and reliable since it is part of a larger chain and managed along international standards.


The food at The Surya is truly scrumptious. For north Indian travellers, the familiar smells of well-cooked mughlai food is reason enough to stay here but the Tibetan and Italian offerings are also surprisingly good. For seasoned travelers, the hotel offers many activities and excursions that are a great help when exploring the city.


At the Surya, one can easily enjoy the many tastes and flavors of Mcleodganj in the safely and comfort of a full blown wellness resort. Every aspect of customer service is carefully honed and perfected at this great hotel so that guests have an exemplary travel experience that is at par with the best properties in the world.







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