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There are two types of travellers, those who travel to get away and those who travel to see new things. If you are in the later category, you will find a world of earthly delights and interesting things to see and do in Mcleodganj. Considered to be one of the most interesting and exotic destinations in India, this city along with its neighboring city Dharamshala captures the true essence of the Himalayas but also give you an authentic colonial, Himachali and Tibetan experience in the hills.


Mcleodganj is easy to reach by car from Delhi and offers a unique travel experience that is multifaceted but also comfortable and enjoyable. The road rip is very smooth and the route is adorned with famous eateries, restaurants and scenic spots. The people in Himachal Pradesh are also very friendly and helpful, endearing this region to travellers from all over the globe.


Right next to Mcleodganj is Dharamshala, the new home of the exiled Dalai Lama. While Dharamshala is located at an elevation of 5000 ft, Mcleodganj is located at a height of 7000 feet, giving visitors a better view and a less congested environment. When visiting Mcleodganj, it is customary to check out Dharamshala for the monasteries, temples and museums there.


The best place to stay in Mcleodganj is near the Mall road. This is the central and most important road of the city that has the biggest and most prominent shops, restaurants, bars and other attractions. Simply taking a walk up the mall road will give you a good idea about the kind of place this is and the kind of people who live and visit here.



What to do in Mcleodganj near the Mall Road


Staying near the Mall road gives you a commanding and strategic position from where you can visit all the best places.  Depending on your mood and time available, you can amble down the mall road at anytime and peruse the many businesses and hawkers that can be found in this area. You can shop for necessities and also scour the market for collectables to take home with you as a marker of your travels.


The best part about the Mall Road is that it is always bustling with people. Be it day or night you can always find some people walking around, congregating at cafes, bargaining with shops and buying street food. If you like a lively and dynamic environment, the Mall road is the place to be.


The most popular foods here are momos, thupka soup and Tibetan noodles. You can also get great north-Indian, Italian and south Indian options if you look around amongst the many restaurants and stalls that dot this road. From upmarket fin- dining options to tiny shacks, you will find almost everything along this road.


The Mall road also has some interesting Buddhist temples that you can visit if you are interested in Buddhism or simply like the serene and spiritual ambience there. For those who are interested in this ancient religion, there are many places where one can experience Buddhist culture, history, art and teachings. Some monasteries even have classes and groups that you can join.



Where to stay


If you are interested in staying on the mall road, there is one great property that has been recently launched and is worth mentioning. This is the Surya by Amritara Hotels, the well-known hotel chain that is renowned for its luxurious properties at prime locations. The service at Amritara Hotels is especially good as the staff is always well trained, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile.


The nightclub at The Surya Mcleodganj is especially good. It has live acts and shows on some days and is a popular and respected watering hole for writers, artists, musicians and seasoned travelers. Overall, The Surya provides a great way to experience the land of the lamas while giving you access to the main hotspot in town.






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