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The last month of the year, December is perhaps the most festive and celebratory. It is the month that contains both Christmas and New Year’s and also that part in between when you don’t know what to do. Why not take a long break that incorporates both these holidays to escape from the madding crowd. You could treat yourself to a personal paradise that allows you to end the year the way you want to.


There are many amazing and interesting destinations in India that are perfect for the month December, either because they celebrate these dates with extraordinary fervor and gusto or because they provide a convenient escape from the tired old traditions and act as sanctuary from these overtly noisy and chaotic dates. We have included both of these options in our curated list for the avid traveller and left it to you to decide what you prefer.



Places to visit in December


1. Goa: December is season time in Goa as thousands of people from all over the world swarm to this well-known winter destination for its sunshine, sandy beaches and its famous parties. The weather here is perfect in December and the rich Christian heritage and sizable Christian population means that Christmas and New Years is celebrated in great style. Since Goa was once a Portuguese colony, there are formal services at many churches here on Christmas and the locals take out several parades to mark the day.


Celebrating New Years in Goa is legendary and fueled by a well-organized and very sophisticated network of restaurants, shacks, bars, clubs, parties and more. What better way to bring in the New Year than a party of thousands in the bamboo forest or at a fashionable five star bar in the city? If you want to celebrate new years in style, Goa is definitely the place to be.



To visit Goa in December, you have to book your hotel or resort months in advance as demand is very high. One amazing place to stay in Goa for your December detour is the Amritara Aura Resort and Spa. Tastefully hidden but within a short walk from the idyllic Mandrem Beach, this is the best place to stay if you want to fully experience and enjoy the many sides of India’s party capital.



2. Kochi: Kochi is a great place to visit at any time but during Christmas and New Years, the town outdoes itself. It’s significant Christian population and long history of Christian interaction ensure that the city is exquisitely decorated but Kochi is also a great place to celebrate New Year’s Eve as the people here are extremely enthusiastic about the event. For New Years, they organize a legendary New Years Carnival that is designed to celebrate the youth of the country and includes dancing, singing, world music and more.



The most convenient place to stay in Kochi is Amritara The Poovath Beachfront Heritage located inside Fort Kochi. This is an amazing sea front property that is also a bona fide architectural treasure. With sea view rooms, a great location and incredible cuisine, the property is a top tier place to spend New Years Eve in style. Even if you don’t feel like joining the carnival, you will enjoy the vibe.



3. Jawai: Deep in the jungles of Rajasthan, on the banks of the Jawai River lies a magical place that used to be the hunting grounds for royalty. Here, leopards and other big cats roam wild and nature grows unrestrained and untamed. With nothing on the horizon except dense jungles, pure granite rock faces and distant hillocks, one feels transported to an earlier time before man made interruptions littered the landscape. In this pure and pristine land, you’re sure to find your place in nature.



When visiting Jawai, check out the option of staying at the Amritara Jawai. This is a stylish and luxurious property that offers warm hospitality and an authentic jungle experience. With Jungle View Rooms with spacious patios and balconies and well-organized safaris, this is the ideal place to stay to enjoy the bounty of this unique and peaceful sojourn.


4. Dalhousie: A warm, well known and tested hill station, Dalhousie holds special fascination for dreamers and children. Set in a luxurious and scenic pat of Himachal Pradesh and surrounded by 5 hills, this iconic destination is an affable place to spend New Years Eve with family or a group of eclectic friends. Offering the best of old world charm and familiar imagery, Dalhousie is known to captivate people by casting a slow spell.



The Hunky Dory Resort by Amritara in Dalhousie in an institution in itself as it has been a popular stopping place for families, school trips and large gatherings. The staff here is superb and there are a lot of things to do in and around the resort that will keep you busy for a weekend or even week long vacation. If you are looking to celebrate New Years with a close circle, this is the place for you.




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