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January is a very special month because it is the beginning of a whole new year. What we do in January echoes throughout the year and ends up defining it. Therefore, it is best to start the New Year with a comfortable and peaceful vacation in a beautiful setting where you can introspect, plan and look ahead. After the celebratory and festive vibe of New Years eve begins to wane, one looks for an idyllic start to a perfect year.


If possible, one should take a break or mini-vacation in early January to collect ones thoughts and start things off on a great note. Luckily, India has some first rate destinations that are perfect for the first month of the year. Lets take a closer look at some of these destinations, why they are ripe for a January visit and where to stay.


Best places to visit in January


1. Thattekad: Kerala is already well known for its backwaters, massage therapy, rich cuisine and abundant natural beauty but there is one place in “God’s Own Country” that stands out even in Kerala. This is the small town of Thattekad, home to the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary that was founded and developed by famed Indian scientist Dr. Salim Alli. Covering an area of just 25 square Kms, this is a Garden of Eden where exotic bird species, valuable spices and strange creatures run wild.



If you plan on visiting Thattekad, there is a resort called the Amritara Riverside Luxury Resort that provides a classic and timeless safari experience for guests on the banks of the of the might Periyar River. This resort was earlier called Camp Hornbill but now has been renamed to accentuate the element of luxury that separates this unique property and its signature travel experiences from other such properties. The resort also offers some amazing accommodations and plenty of opportunity to spend time in nature.



2. Bharatpur: If you are interested in nature and bird watching, the Baharatpur Bird Sanctuary will be heaven for you. It is a great place In January, as one can spot a number of interesting bird species that come here from faraway colder places in central and north Asia including Siberia. These birds fly south in the winters to escape the cold and to spend time in a natural paradise, which maybe something that we can learn from them.



If you do decide to visit Bharatpur in December, the best place to stay is the Chandra Mahal Haveli located about 25 kms from Bharatpur city in a beautiful village called Pahersar. This amazing property is an authentic historical Haveli built in the Persian style way back in 1840 that has been expertly restored to reveal its rich heritage and timeless beauty. From here, it is easy to visit the Bharatpur Sanctuary and many important tourist spots in its immediate vicinity.



 3. Mararikulam: A quaint fishing village in Kerala with swaying palm trees and fine sands has become a popular tourist destination for seasoned travellers and artists. In the month of January, the weather is perfect and the pristine and unspoiled coastline sparkles in the winter sun. The local authorities also organize a fun and exciting event called the Murari Beach Fest in January in an effort to restore tourism after the Covid Pandemic.



If you are looking for a good resort from where you can experience this jewel on Kerala’s coastline, the Amritara a Beach Symphony on Beach Road, Mararikulam is the ideal choice. It offers a veritable beachside paradise immersed in an interesting and welcoming culture. The people in the village are known to be good humored and welcoming. Perfect for starting a new year with an optimistic and positive vibe.


4. Goa: Although December is the month that is best to visit Goa, the coastal destination remains popular throughout the winter. Tourists throng to Goa throughout the months of January to escape the dreary onset of winter and replace it with glistening sands and sun kissed beaches. The famous shacks of Goa are in full form in January and the legendary parties continue to take place after a small break after New Years Eve.



Whenever you visit Goa, one of the best places to stay here is the Amritara Aura Resort and Spa. This property is located in the posh part of North Goa next to the idyllic Mandrem Beach. It provides easy access to the many amazing tourist attractions in North Goa along with a great Spa that can do wonders for your mental, physical and spiritual balance. In January, this entire area is teeming with discern ding tourists and beach parties and is the ideal place to visit.








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