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Mussoorie is one of the best hill stations in India. Located close to Delhi and Chandigarh at an elevation of 2000 meters and well-equipped with every facility and convenience, Mussoorie has everything that you need for a wonderful and fulfilling vacation.


Mussoorie for Couples


Mussoorie can be a very romantic place. It is relatively quieter and more peaceful than many other hill stations in the Himalayas such as Shimla. It also has plenty of places that are couple-friendly, secluded and ripe for romance.


There are plenty of places in Mussoorie ideal for romantic walks, bonfires, dining in style and engaging in cutesy and kitsch activities like buying matching caps, sharing ice cream sundaes or taking pictures near well-known landmarks. 


When booking a Mussoorie Package for Couples, ensure that it includes everything. Some couples may not like to venture out too much from their resort and therefore, it may be a good idea to ensure that the package includes breakfast, dinner and perhaps even lunch at the resort along with activities.


Most resorts offer special multi-course romantic meals that are set up lavishly at a suitable location and decorated aptly. If you want such a dinner organized for you and your partner, make sure that you specify it at the time of booking and ask for it to be included in the package.


Also, to avoid hassles, share your itinerary with the resort to ensure that the check-in and check-out times are within the resort’s policies. If you need an early check-in or a late check-out, make sure that you get your request preapproved ahead of time.


Also, if you need any other special arrangements, decorations or experiences, be sure to book them ahead of time as availability might change without notice. It is also better to obtain exact prices to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding at the time of billing.


Mussoorie for Family


Mussoorie is also a great place for a family vacation. It has a wholesome and friendly environment and many family-friendly activities that everyone can participate in. If you are planning a trip to a hill station with your immediate or extended family, there can be no better place than Mussoorie.


As soon as you drive into Mussoorie, you will see lots of bakeries and toy shops selling products for children. The prominent schools in Mussoorie and neighbouring places have gone a long way in promoting children’s activities here.


Some activities for children in Mussoorie include Boating, Horse Riding, Trekking, Skating, Parlor Games, Natural Waterfalls, Shopping on Mall Road, etc. There are also a lot of historical and heritage sites here that can help children learn about the history of Mussoorie and colonial times.


A 2-3 day package is ideal when visiting Mussoorie with family. You can book a separate interconnected room or cottage for children if required and also make sure that the resort has a Games Room or play area that keeps children occupied.


When availing of a Mussoorie Package for Family or making an itinerary, make sure that you take everyone into account. Sometimes, a particular activity or tourist spot is enjoyable for some but others may not like it. For example, temples and historic sites fascinate adults but some children may get restless and bored if the visit lasts too long.



Mussoorie for Friends


Mussoorie is the ideal place for a road trip with friends. Simply pile up a few of your favorite buddies and drive down to this convenient location for a few days of fun and late-night chats around bonfires. There are many restaurants and bars in Mussoorie that are ideal for hanging out with friends and large groups are quite common here.


If you are going to Mussoorie with friends, make sure that you pack everything you need. Although Mussoorie is a well-developed tourist town where everything is readily available, it is best to come prepared, just to be safe and to save time wandering around unfamiliar shops.


Although night falls early here, several places are open until late and there is enough activity on the roads to ensure a safe and pleasurable nightlife. Here, you can meet new people, try new things, engage in group activities or simply plan a party or get-together at your resort or hotel.


When availing of a Mussoorie Package for Friends, make sure to give the resort adequate information and take their advice. If you require same-sex cohabitation, remember to discuss this with the management. Although this is not a problem, it is always better to check beforehand. Similarly, if you plan on bringing alcohol, check to make sure that it is allowed by the hotel or resort.



Best place to stay in Mussoorie


One of the best resorts in Mussoorie is the Yog Wellness Resort and Spa by Amritara. This is a wellness spa with healthy, vegetarian food, therapeutic massage, very good treatments and an ambience that is refined, reserved and restful.


Yog Wellness is suitable for couples, families and friends. It has comfortable rooms, great service and amazing food. Additionally, the staff is very cooperative and the hotel is very sensitive to guest suggestions and requests. Overall, it is the perfect place for almost any kind of trip or vacation!




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