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The Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur is one of the greatest heritage sites in India. Built in 1459, this ancient and majestic structure still stands tall today, its imposing walls a testament to the skill, will and sheer determination of our ancestors.


The fort is perched at a height of 122 meters above ground level on a rocky hill and overlooks the surrounding areas like a powerful eagle that is king of all it surveys. Its 1200-acre footprint, 36-meter high walls, gigantic gates and towering ramparts must have instilled awe and fear in invading armies before the battle even began.




Although the fort is said to be built in 1459, it actuality slowly evolved over 5 centuries. Every new ruler modified and added to the structure to make it what it is today. If one looks carefully, one can make out how the evolution progressed and use the structure as an architectural time capsule of past civilizations.


The principal architecture of the fort is surprisingly similar to forts found in Europe and other places around the world but much more advanced. The main purpose of these forts was to keep out invading armies. To this end, the walls are vertical and unshakeable while many ramparts, watchtowers and raised platforms allow the inhabitants to attack invaders from above.


Mehrangarh Fort has 7 gates. Some of these gates are named after victories that the Jodhas won over invaders, enemies and surrounding states. Perhaps some of these entrances were introduced later after the fort grew in strength and the rulers felt more confident in their ability to defend its perimeter from invaders.


Inside, the fort is large enough to be compared with a city or mini-city. It has many intricate palaces that were once luxurious dwellings for the royal families with thousands of rooms, hundreds of passageways, gardens, banquet halls, armouries, storerooms and more.


When the fort began to function, another, larger city began to take shape outside its gates at the foot of the hill. This fledgling city borrowed from the architecture of the great fort and took on the familiar blue hues that can be found in the interior of the fort.


This blue paint was made of a special concoction that kept termites away and is the reason that Jodhpur is sometimes called the “Blue City.” Today, the entire city looks like a cascade of familiar bluish tones nestled snugly at the base of Mehrangarh fort.



For those interested in architecture and history, Mehrangarh Fort is a limitless treasure trove of beauty and knowledge; It contains within its thick, unmovable walls the most dependable and undisputable account of what really happen here for those who can uncover it.




A single glance at the palaces within this fort is enough to tell us that the Jodhas were cultured people. They had a highly evolved sense of space and structure and a very unique and characteristic lifestyle.


They were warriors but seem to have the soul of poets as evidenced by the delicate and intricate work found all over the interiors. Some of the carvings are so exquisite that they were chipped away during colonial times and taken to European studios for students to learn from.


The soul of the inhabitants of this fort can also be found in the extensive collection of artefacts and antiques that are still located inside and displayed for all to see in its museums. These include a large number of artworks, weapons, texts and utensils that all tell the story of this fabulous and eternal structure.


In popular culture, Mehrangarh Fort has been prominently featured in many famous movies including Jungle Book (1994) and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) amongst others. The unique architecture of the fort and the many stories surrounding it have been the subject of many books, songs and paintings.


Where to Stay


The Mehrangarh Fort is so rich in architecture, history and culture that to see it fully will take many days. Some archaeologists and historians have been studying it for decades and many good books have been written about this magical and mysterious place.


If you are visiting this fort, it is best to stay at a nearby hotel for a few days to fully uncover this treasure. While there are many heritage hotels in Jodhpur, we recommend staying at the Amritara Manak Haveli.


This hotel is located in the heart of Jodhpur, right next to the Jodhpur Quila and in the middle of the famous Goldsmith Lane Art District of the city. The hotel proved world-class luxury, fine dining and a host of facilities that make staying here a pleasure for the senses.


Amritara Manak Haveli is the best heritage hotel near Mehrangarh Fort and a suitable place to stay if you plan on visiting the fort. The hotel is perfect for a short or long stay and offers access to many of Jodhpur’s charming monuments and cultural spots along with easy access to the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What is the Starting price of hotels near Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur?


Ans. Good Hotels near Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur can cost anywhere between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 14,000 per day.

Q2. How to find the best Hotel in Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur with all facilities?


Ans One of the best hotels near the Mehrangarh Fort with all its facilities is the Manak Haveli by Amritara. This is a beautiful property that provides guests with unrivalled luxury along with an authentic experience of Jodhpur.

Q3. Which is the Hotel near Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur for your stay?


Ans The Hotel that we recommend near Mehrangarh Fort for an overnight stay is the Manak Haveli by Amritara Hotels. This is a luxurious heritage property located in the heart of Jodhpur that is close to the Mehrangarh Fort.








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