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Amritsar is amazing. It is amongst the most popular cities in India and still somehow feels underrated and understated. Since the Golden Temple is the most prominent attraction here, it is best to stay at the Best hotels in Amritsar near the Golden Temple when you visit. Choosing among the many hotels near the Golden Temple, Amritsar will allow you to fully experience the heart of the city and the immutable tradition of hospitality that still exists here.



Where to Stay in Amritsar


Finding the right accommodation in the right part of town is crucial for a rewarding travel experience. One common mistake made by many travelers is that they elect to stay outside the city or in its suburbs, which effectively removes them from the hub, where the main action takes place, and causes them to miss the vibe of the city.


For a rewarding and fulfilling experience in Amritsar, one must stay in the downtown area, close to the Golden Temple and Hall Bazaar. This is where the city comes alive and where the multitudes mix up into a vast melting pot of ideas and identities. It is also close to the other main points of interest and can provide excellent opportunities to see the Punjabi way of life up close.



One of the best hotels in Amritsar near Golden Temple is the Amritara Sadka Hotel in the heart of the city . Barely a few km from the Golden Temple, this hotel provides the most central location for visitors hoping to visit its many treasures and get a feel for the city. From this convenient location, you can observe how the city functions and also make day trips and short excursions to cover the main places of interest. A short walk will quickly immerse you into the epicenter of Punjab.


The in-house restaurant at Amritara Sadka is called Sidak and is famous for its flavorful and liberally spiced traditional Punjabi food. If you are staying at the Amritara Sadka or find yourself in the vicinity of Hall, you must try this excellent and succulent restaurant that is sure to leave you speechless.


Besides Amritara Sadka, there is another property quite nearby that is also a part of the Amritara Chain of Hotels. This is the Amritara Kirpa". With an excellent location, impeccable service, and highly professional and helpful staff, the Kirpa" is also a great place to stay in Amritsar. The hotel is newly built and sports some cutting-edge amenities and fixtures that will make your stay a comfortable and memorable one.


Amritsar’s Longstanding Tradition of Hospitality


Being a border state, Punjab has a long history of visitors from both sides of the border. Historically, it has always received many tourists from all over India but has also welcomed a heavy flow of visitors from the West with open arms and a deep sense of magnanimous cordiality that makes everyone feel at home almost instantly.


Wherever you go in Amritsar, you are always greeted with warm, friendly smiles and a can-do attitude that is endearing and contagious. On the streets of this great city, you will find all kinds of people who come from vastly different backgrounds but comingle and cohabit in this sacred space without friction or conflict.



Home to the Jallianwala Bagh, the Wagah Border, Fort Gobindgarh, the Partition Museum, and a plethora of sacred sites, tourists here are spoiled for choice. Add to this a lively local scene, a galaxy of good restaurants, and some unique shopping experiences and you have a destination that simply cannot be missed or ignored.


What to do in Amritsar


Depending on your area of interest, Amritsar offers a full microcosm of the nation and the world. Besides the most famous tourist attractions listed above, there are a host of museums, cultural places, and shopping districts in Amritsar that will keep the ardent traveler busy for weeks.

The Golden Temple hardly needs any elaboration or explanation. It is the holiest site in the Sikh religion and the heart and soul of Amritsar. Its legendary beauty, aura of calmness, immersive prayer service, and delicious Prasad are, by now, the stuff of legends and lore. Even for atheists, it provides an incisive glimpse into the way of life here that is iconic of the Punjabi ethos.


Another mainstay of the capital city of Punjab is Fort Gobindgarh. Home to the legend of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Punjab&rsquo's most famous King and fiercest warrior, Qila Gobindgarh is an integral part of the immortal legacy of the great king. With interesting architecture with French and Persian influences, the formidable fort also hosts several events, tours, and shows that entertain visitors but also educate them about the history of Punjab and the erstwhile Sikh empire.


Close to the Golden Temple, in downtown Amritsar, one can visit the Jallianwala Bagh, perhaps the most important monument to India&rsquo's struggle for freedom. It was at this very spot that British troops and their Indian lackeys massacred a large crowd of peaceful protestors that included women and children. The event eventually became a turning point in our struggle for freedom.


Today, Jalianwalla Bagh provides a heartfelt and emotionally stirring experience that is a constant reminder of how precious freedom is, how many sacrifices were required to attain it, and why we must not squander it away to colonial forces or their Indian counterparts. Along with the Partition Museum, this is a must-visit and hallowed sacred space for every patriotic Indian.


Where to shop in Amritsar


Downtown Amritsar houses the main Shopping District, called Hall Bazaar. Here one can buy a host of handicrafts and locally made items that are dazzling to look at and a pleasure to use. Unlike many other places, Punjab has its way of doing things and offers its variant of many popular products and art forms.


While Hall Bazaar may seem chaotic and disorganized to the uninitiated, it is quite evolved and operates according to its systems and demarcations. These idiosyncrasies can be difficult to imbibe and understand at first but become warm, convenient, and even endearing once you get used to its unique style and way of functioning.


Besides Hall Bazaar, there are several other shopping districts and markets here such as Guru Bazaar, Katra Jaimal Singh Bazaar, Lahori Gate Market, Rani Ka Bagh, and Shastri Market.  On any given day, you will see a throng of visitors bargaining, searching, ferrying, and loading products as diverse as handmade carpets and the latest HP printers in the labyrinthine streets of this shopper’s paradise.


Best food in Amritsar


Punjab overall and Amritsar, in particular, is a foodie’s paradise. Inherent in Punjabi and Sikh culture is the “ work hard, play hard” an ethos that demands nothing but the best culinary expertise and gastronomical experiences. Famous for its liberal use of fresh white butter, traditional local Punjabi cuisine can be divine, especially for first-time visitors.


The many streets and by-lanes of Amritsar are bursting with flavors and palates the likes of which you have never tasted. Anywhere you go, at any time, you can rest assured that there will always be adequate eateries that will impress you with their fresh ingredients, wholesome cooking styles, and liberal use of country butter.


Qila Gobindgarh also offers some impressive culinary experiences inside its unvanquished walls. Its fine dining restaurant is called Kesariya Darbar and seeks to recreate the royal recipes of its rulers. Another option here is Zaika Gali, a kind of planned food district that offers the most famous street foods of Punjab and a few dishes from other parts of India that are popular here.



As you may know, the “ Amritsari Kulcha” gets its name from this city and was born in these very by lanes and side streets. Besides this creative contribution, Punjab, and specifically Amritsar, has incubated and delivered a dizzying array of other dishes and sweets that are now popular all over the world.


The traditional “North Indian” or “Frontier Food” style of cooking is the most popular and delicious of India’s many. In retrospect, this unique style may have developed in modern-day Afghanistan or Pakistan but it was matured and perfected in the many kitchens and enthusiastic gastronomes of this very city.


Besides street food, there a many fine dining, formal, and well-established sit-down restaurants and Dhaba here that are world famous. Some popular places include Tandoori Nights, Buzz, Kava Grill, Collage, Brothers Dhaba, Friends Dhaba, Kesar ka Dhaba and much, much more.


Another famous and traditional dish of Punjab is Makkai Di Roti and Sarson the Saag. From a farmer’s dish prepared in the fertile fields of the countryside, this dish has taken over the hearts and minds of Punjabis everywhere. Popularly known as the state dish of Punjab, it is best tried in Amritsar when made in the authentic style and its purest avatar.


Armed with a summary knowledge of this great and ancient city and located in the thick f things, you can look forward to a trip that is sure to change your perspective, elevate your understanding, and provoke your curiosity.




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