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Here’s what’s happening en route to 2023


2022 is fast drawing to a close and already; many people are making plans for a New Year celebration in Goa to welcome in 2023.


After the pandemic, people are itching to celebrate, socialize and dance the night away at a New Year party in Goa. “Revenge partying” is at an all-time high and New Year events in Goa are getting many early bookings and inquiries. Overall, it’s looking like a Goa new year.



What is special in Goa in the New Year?


Goa is the original preferred destination for New Year celebrations and this year is no different. Over the years, it has earned the title of India’s party capital and is the go-to place on New Year’s Eve. Its natural beauty, sandy beaches, tropical climate, competitive cuisine, and culture of leisure and festivity have long enamored tourists and travelers from all over the world.


What makes Goa truly special are its beaches. Pristine and picturesque, the many beaches and seaside spots of Goa have attracted early visitors and western tourists since antiquity and are a siren call for souls seeking solace and oneness with nature. It is the perfect environment to end the year in introspection and start a new one with celebration.


Which beach is best in Goa for the New Year?


The short answer is Mandrem beach. With white sands, clear waters, palm trees, and an interesting creek next to it, Mandrem is exceptionally pretty, even by Goa’s standards. Although there are many beaches in Goa and all of them will have an electric environment on New Year’s Eve, Mandrem is the smart choice because of its location, people, and local culture.


Mandrem is located in north Goa and has an upmarket, sophisticated vibe. It is the favored playground of Goa’s celebrities, influencers, fashionistas, and party people and has a well-developed infrastructure conducive to well-planned events and parties. Its strategic position allows easy access to many of Goa’s exciting hot spots while being close to its capital and cultural hubs.


There are plenty of bars and clubs in the area such as The Bollywood Club - by Titos, Cafe Mambos, Curlies, etc. and many are many other hot spots, parties, and beaches that can be easily accessed from the comfort of Mandrem and within easy driving distance.


Of the other beaches, Morjim beach is right next door and has a large population of Russian tourists and ex-pats. On the other side of Mandrem is Arambol beach, popular with backpackers and travelers with a distinctly bohemian feel.



Further south, there are bigger and more popular beaches such as Baga, Calangute, and Anjuna for the basic standard nightlife experience. These places have a lot of shacks, clubs, and bars but some can get unsafe due to large hoards of invading and inebriated partygoers.



Which is the best place to celebrate the New Year in Goa?


Again, the short answer is A beach resort in Mandrem, such as Amritara. Although there are many capable resorts in Mandrem Beach, Goa, the best choice is Amritara Aura Spa Retreat. This resort is a short walk from the beach and offers a good mix of traditional Indian comfort and modern hospitality.


Nestled in nature and an old hand at organizing festivities, destination weddings, and large parties, the resort is the gold standard for the Goa experience. Its staff is well-trained and sensitive to the needs of its metropolitan guests and the establishment attracts a fairly good crowd.


For New Year’s Eve, the resort will surely offer an all-inclusive package deal for guests to simply lay back and enjoy the authentic Goa experience without having to think and plan at every step. The New Year deal will include the standard fixings like accommodation, meals, barbeques, a Goa 31st party, live music, and fireworks, and is perfect for couples, families, or friends.




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