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Mandrem Beach is one of the prettiest and best beaches in Goa. It is located in North Goa, a little distance from the main airport of Goa, located in Dabolim in south Goa.


Earlier, the airport in Dabolim, called Goa International Airport, was the only airport in the state but now, a brand new airport has been inaugurated in North Goa on December 2022, making it the Goa airport near beaches and resorts of North Goa.


The new airport in North Goa is called the Manohar International Airport, Mopa Airport, or the New Goa International Airport. Although it is not fully functional yet, flights have started to land and take off. In time, Mopa Airport promises to make North Goa more accessible to tourists and visitors and to provide easy access to resorts near Goa Airport.


How far is Mopa Airport from Mandrem?


Mopa airport (Code: GOX) is about 25 Km from Mandrem. The drive from Mopa Airport to Mandrem is extremely pleasant because it cuts through the lush green interior of Goa, away from the busier coastal routes. The roads are also newly renovated and promise a smooth ride to the beaches, upscale shopping centers, tourist hotspots, and landmarks of North Goa.


The drive from Mopa Airport to Mandrem is relatively short. It only takes about 30-40 minutes by taxi whereas the drive from the older Goa International Airport to Mandrem takes about 90-120 minutes.


The approximate cost of a taxi from Mopa Airport to Mandrem beach is only about Rs. 800-1000, which is less than the average taxi cost from GOI to Mandrem, which is about Rs. 1800-2000.


What is so special about Mandrem?


Mandrem is one of the best places in Goa. It is a quaint village that has been wonderfully preserved and has an atmosphere of tranquility, serenity, and natural beauty. It is located near lush orchards, green fields, and groves of palm trees. There are many fashionable resorts and restaurants in the area and it is a hub for Goa’s rich and famous.


Mandrem is strategically located with Arambol Beach on one side and Morjim Beach on the other. Arambol is another one of Goa’s better, cleaner beaches with white sands and Morjim is popular with many foreign ex-pats who have developed it into a party place. All in all, Mandrem is definitely worth visiting.


What are some popular luxury Hotels near Mopa International Airport, Goa?


One of the best luxury resort in Mandrem beach is the Amritara Aura Resort & Spa.  The resort is strategically located within meters of the beautiful Mandrem beach and at the same time tucked away in the midst of natural, unspoiled beauty.


The resort provides upscale accommodations, which come fully loaded with all modern amenities and also with a wonderful swimming pool, 24-hour room service, and easy access to many posh places in North Goa. Now, with the opening of Mopa Airport, it has become the best resort near the Goa Airport at Mopa.




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