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The need to unwind and de-stress is not limited to adults. Children too feel the brunt of city life and its myriad of problems, pollutants, and petulance. They too have to put up with a busy schedule, schoolwork, and other stresses. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a family vacation to a peaceful location for the rejuvenation and renewal of the whole family.


One such peaceful destination is Kochi in Kerala along the Malabar Coast. Kochi or Cochin is an ancient port city that has traded with Chinese, Arabian, and European merchants since 1341. Over the years, it has been heavily influenced by a wide variety of cultures and therefore has a rich architecture and local culture of its own.


Kochi has a pleasing climate as it is close to the sea. Its climate is tropical with no harsh extremities. The summers are moderate with light breezes from the sea while the winters are chilly without being bitterly cold. This leads to a comfortable and pleasant environment for residents and tourists alike.



Why choose Kochi


Kochi provides a definitive change from North India. Without crossing international borders, you can experience a different culture here that is rich in art and history. Here, you can spend time in a peaceful and luxurious setting, which is sure to be a welcome change from city life.


Kochi is also interesting because it is a truly international metropolis since its port started trading with faraway countries as early as 1341. Over the years, thousands of people and ideas have made their way to these shores and ornamented a culture already steeped in tradition.


The beach in Kochi allows you to engage in a host of water sports and adventure activities. One can take a stroll by the beach and explore groves of palm trees or check out interesting shops and eateries along the coast offering indigenous wares. You might get lucky and bag a genuine colonial antique or find the perfect item for your home.


For food lovers, Kochi is a paradise city. Its rich culinary tradition and Malabar specialties are world-famous as they use interesting spices and flavors that are grown locally. From Malabar Parathas to street food and delicious curries to Dosas, the food choices here are truly amazing.



What to do in Kochi


A family rejuvenation trip is meant to be easygoing and laid back. It is best to minimize tourist places and avoid trying to cover every famous attraction. Instead, families should take advantage of one of Kerala’s greatest contributions to the world – the science and art of Ayurveda and Massage.


Kerala has a rich history of Ayurveda that has survived into modern times. Kerala Massage is world-famous and uses techniques and ingredients that have been honed to perfection over centuries. Anyone visiting Kerala should definitely try this ancient and evolved practice at least once.


There are a number of good spas in the city that offer an authentic Kerala massage experience. One such place is the Fort Ayurveda Spa located inside Fort Kochi. It offers many rejuvenating spa experiences that are sure to melt your stress away and leave you revitalized and renewed.


Another famous attraction of Kerala is its backwaters. These are shallow, marshy lakes and interconnected rivers that you can travel through on a boat. From the vessel, you can get a good glimpse of Kerala’s lush forests and also snippets of daily life in the state that is often called “God’s own Country.”


If one wants to see more of Kochi, there are a number of interesting sites here that are worth visiting. The city is full of beautiful historical monuments, churches, temples, and markets. It also has an active nightlife and a number of great restaurants.


The best and most notable of Kochi’s attractions include St. Francis’s Church, the Kathakali Center, Indo-Portuguese Museum, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Fort Kochi Beach, Bolgatty Palace, Pallipuram Fort, and more. All in all, Kochi has enough to keep you busy even during a long stay.


Days in Kochi are interesting but the city really comes alive at night. There is a long-established tradition here of night activities that include dance performances, parties, live music, and night markets. One can also visit dance clubs and bars while being perfectly safe and secure.



Where to stay in Kochi


One of the best resorts in Kochi for family vacations is Amritara The Poovath Beachfront Heritage. This resort is located next to the Arabian Sea and is perfect for a luxurious and rejuvenating stay. It offers comfortable rooms, great service, and an impressive selection of delicious Malabar Dishes.


The Poovath Heritage has interesting architecture as it is built inside a remodeled Dutch building. With sea-view rooms and a very good restaurant called The Verandah, the property is designed to be fun for the whole family. There are a lot of activities for children and a lot more to do and discover outside the gates of the resort.





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