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One among the four important Char-Dham yatra, Badrinath is a small picturesque town where the holiness meets nature. Nestled in the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand on the banks of the Alaknanda River, this pilgrim site attracts a lot of devotees, adventurers and trekkers towards it. For many a trip to Badrinath is solely to take blessings from Lord Vishnu, while for others it is a way to quench their thirst for some trek and adventure. 

Commonly known as Chota Char Dham, Badrinath town acquired its name from the divine temple Badrinath devoted to lord Vishnu. The town is not only known for its beautifully constructed temple in Garhwali architecture, but also the magnificent surrounding views. Though this last and most celebrated stop in the holy expedition is approachable by motorable roads, most of the people walk through a serene and unchallenging trek route. 

While everyone is well aware of the serene beauty of the whole trip to Badrinath. Many forget a few simple tips that need to be kept in mind. Don’t worry this list will not only help you to remember the tips but will also make you outsmart your friends while planning this trip to the land of myriad legends. 

Travel Smart & Light
The foremost important tip that one should always keep in mind is to pack smartly. Avoid carrying big luggages full of unwanted stuff even if you are going by road. And in case you have decided to trek to the town, then just carry a trekking bag. 

Carry vital stuff
Carrying all the essential stuff like medicines, packed food, a bottle of water, warm clothes, power banks, torch and some dry fruits is another smart move. Always keep your set of medicines handy as cold, cough, body aches are quite common as you climb up because of change in altitude. Also, do not carry alcohol or any other non-vegetarian food item, as it is strictly prohibited in this divine stop.

Book everything prior, to avoid last minute rush
With a lot of tourists and devotees visiting this chota char dham, many hotel chains have opened up their branches in Badrinath. You will find many hotels in Badrinath with full packed modern amenities. It is advisable to pre-book your hotel room, conveyance and other transportation that are required in advance. You might get a good deal if you book everything prior. 
So, reserve in advance to avoid last minute rush and extra charges. 

It is advisable to plan your trip to Badrinath between April until October, as in the month of November the snow starts covering the town making it inaccessible for the visitors. Badrinath has many mythological stories connected to its part. Talk to localities, they will tell you many stories and you might also find someone whose ancestors have actually lived through those stories. 

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