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Summer is almost here! As the cold winter finally recedes and spring begins to blossom, people have already started searching for places to visit in summer in India and are busy making travel plans for what is expected to be a busy travel year ahead.


The big question is: Where to go? Since our great nation has hundreds of amazing destinations, Indians are spoilt for choice and can’t seem to decide what to do and what to eschew.


To aid the summer traveller, we have compiled a list of the top 6 destinations that we think should not be passed over. These are the most interesting, entertaining and enchanting destinations that are sure you wow you in the summer of 2023.


1. Goa- Goa is perhaps India’s premier destination. Popular for its sparkling beaches, European vibes, amazing seafood and party atmosphere, Goa is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world in the summer.


People come from near and far to experience this fabled land of lagoons and beaches and to party the night away at outdoor raves and music festivals. Although it is considered a winter destination, summer in Goa can be equally sizzling with sultry sundowners, savoury seafood and water activities.


This year, you should visit his wonderland in the early months of summer to see the other side of Goa. In the summer, there are fewer tourists and one can meet the real Goans, who are native to the place and get a feel for the real soul of this seaside escape.


One of the best resorts in Goa in the summer is the Amritara Aura Resort & Spa in North Goa. This is a magnificent wellness resort that is close to Mandrem Beach, one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches here and home to many upscale tourist and cultural hotspots.



2. Mussoorie – as the mercury climbs mercilessly, Mussoorie is the first place one should attempt to escape to. One of the best hill stations in India, this little town has a lot of hidden and not-so-hidden activities, monuments, natural waterfalls and activities that are sure to keep you cool and collected.


Getting there is fairly easy as it is one of the closest hill stations to the great cities of North India such as Delhi and Chandigarh. The driving time is only about 6 hours and the road is excellent. The temperature change is, however, considerable as it is at an elevation of 2000 meters.


If you are planning on going there this summer, one of the best resorts in Mussoorie is the Yog Wellness Resort and Spa by Amritara. This is a wellness retreat complete with massage, therapies, trained yoga instructors and a host of fun activities to ensure a pleasant stay.


4. Coorg – One of the best destinations in Karnataka, Coorg is called “The Scotland of India” for its misty weather, cool climes, mountainous landscapes, green hills and world-famous Coffee Plantations. But what makes Coorg truly special is the culture of the local Kodava people.


If you are looking for an interesting hill station destination where you can escape the heat but also reconnect with nature and learn about other cultures and enjoy delectable cuisine, Coorg is perfect for you this summer.  With plenty of adventure sports and a rich ecosystem of animals and birds, it is a great place for nature lovers.


When visiting Coorg, be sure to check out the luxurious Amritara Ambatty Greens Resort. This is one of the best resorts in Coorg and offers an authentic experience that will help you get the most out of your trip this summer. The resort has an attached Golf Course that is a pleasure to behold and even better for playing a round or two.



5. Mararikulam – A scenic village in Kerala, India, Mararikulam or Marari is a great place to visit this summer. With a moderate climate and a breathtakingly beautiful beach, this little beachside resort town is world-renowned as a heavenly experience.


When in Mararikulam, be sure to sample the famous food of Kerala and the legendary warmth of its people. There are also several wellness spas here that offer Kerala massage and some magical age-old treatments that have made Kerala the wellness capital of India.


While there are many resorts in Mararikulam, the best place to stay here is the Amritara A Beach Symphony.  This is an exclusive hideaway next to the beach with four exclusive cottages that provide incredible views amid a luxurious setting.



6. Thekkady – A pretty little town next to the Periyar National Park where herds of elephants can be seen playing in the waters. In the lush and thick forests, one can also spot Tigers, Sambars, Langurs and other interesting animals and birds while the scents of cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove rent the air.


Besides the Periyar National Park, there are several other interesting places to visit in Thekkady such as the Tea Estates, Spice Gardens, Temples and hills. The word Thekkady itself comes from “Theku,” which means “Teak.”


One of the best resorts in Thekaddy is the Amritara Shalimar Spics Garden Resort & Spa. The property is located on the edge of the Periyar Tiger Reserve and offers straw cottages and other interesting accommodations for guests.


Thus we see that there are several suitable places to visit this summer that will surely make you forget the heat and strike off some items from your bucket list. Bon voyage and happy travelling!




                             Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 Which are India’s most popular tourist places to visit during the summer?

Ans. Some of India’s most popular tourist places to visit in the summer of 2023 are Goa, Mussoorie, Kasauli, Coorg, Mararikulam and Thekkady.


Q2 What are the best places to visit in India during summer with friends?

Ans.Some of India’s most popular tourist places to visit with friends are Goa, Mussoorie, Kasauli, Coorg, Mararikulam and Thekkady.


Q3 Where is the best place to visit in the summer?

Ans. Goa is one of the best places to visit in the summer. Although the summers can be hot in Goa, the sea and the inlets of water ensure an overall moderate climate.


Q4 Which city is cool in summer in India?

Ans. Many of India’s hill stations remain cool in the summer. One of the best hill stations in the Himalayas is Mussoorie while other notable destinations include: Kasauli, Coorg, Mararikulam and Thekkady.


Q5 Which are the best places to visit in summer for couples in India?

Ans. If you are a couple looking for places to visit this summer, some of our top choices include: Goa, Mussoorie, Kasauli, Coorg, Mararikulam and Thekkady.





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