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Nature is the new luxury. Gone are the days when luxury meant electronic devices and sleek toys made of plastic and glass. Nowadays, it is a luxury to be able to spend time in nature away from the synthetic and close to the organic. Now, you can avail of resort packages that will help you experience a dream holiday in the lap of natural luxury in Coorg.


Coorg or “Kagadu” is called the “Scotland of India” due to its stunning natural beauty and postcard-perfect landscapes. It has lush evergreen forests surrounded by hills and carved by the River Kaveri. These are the perfect ingredients for a heavenly land that is bliss to behold and incredible to visit.



Why visit Coorg


If you are looking for luxury in the lap of nature, you will be hard pressed to find a place prettier than Coorg. It’s legendary natural beauty and moderate temperatures are reason enough to visit, but add a culture rich in tradition and history, a people who seem naturally happy and friendly and beaches with silver sands and crystal clear waters, and you have a veritable paradise on earth.


Located at an elevation of 1500m above sea level, Coorg is known as one of the best hill stations in India. Its rolling hills and chilly climes are the perfect escape in the summer from the heat and its rich indigenous flora and fauna are unique and interesting to both tourists and seasoned nature lovers.


There are also a number of interesting festivals that happen in Coorg. Chief amongst them are the Keil Poldu (the worship of weapons), Cauvery Shankaramana (celebrating the return of the river goddess) and the Huttari (major harvest festival). These festivals offer a rare chance to get an incisive look at the culture and customs of Coorg while having fun.



What to do in Coorg


Besides the natural beauty and rustic charm of Coorg, there are also a lot of things to see and places to visit. Some of the most popular places include: Abbey Falls, Irpu Falls, Kabbe Hills, and Mallali Falls. These natural waterfalls and the River Kaveri are probably the greatest attractions here but there is a lot more to explore.


Coorg is famous for its coffee plantations and if you like freshly brewed coffee, you are going to love Coorg. Not only can you sip some amazing indigenous varieties, you can also visit coffee plantations here and learn more about how coffee is grown, harvested, processed and packed before it reaches your breakfast table.


If you like historical monuments and ancient temples, Coorg has a lot of offer. There are some incredible temples here such as the Omkareshwar Templs, the Namdroling Monastery, Talakaveri Temple, Bhagandeshwara Temple and Paddi Iguthappa Temple.



Customized Packages for Coorg


One way to ensure that your trip is hassle free and luxurious is to avail of some preset packages that are offered by luxury resorts in Coorg. These packages are often tailor made to suit different types of clients such as couples, families, groups, etc. to suit their specific needs.


The main advantage of these packages is that they leave the planning, researching and organizing to the resort so that guests can simply sit back and enjoy their luxury vacation. If you do not know much about Coorg and do not have preset ideas of what to do, it may be best to trust the resort.



Where to stay in Coorg


The best place to stay in Coorg is the Amritara Ambatty Greens Resort. Widely acknowledged as one of the best resorts in Coorg, this is a luxurious property that is well-endowed wit those finer touches that make you feel welcomed and pampered.


The property is spread over 30 acres and is beautifully decorated with a pond and a waterfall. It is built in the local style with interesting architecture and a number of impressive facilities and amenities. All in all, this is the best place to experience luxury in the lap of nature and will help you get the most out of your trip to heavenly Coorg.


Resort Packages also end up costing less if they are designed well. They are able to cover more ground and cost less due to the bundling of services by the resort and their ability to get quantity discounts. To get the best package deal, it is advisable to engage the resort by explaining your needs and preferences early on.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What are the most popular resorts in Coorg that offer attractive packages, and what are the inclusions in these packages?

Ans. The Amritara Ambatty Greens Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Coorg that offers attractive packages that include breakfast, airport transfers, free wifi and more. Depending on your package, some activities and excursions might also be included.

Q2. What is the average cost of a Coorg resort package, and how does it compare to individual bookings for accommodations and activities?

Ans. The average cost of a Coorg Resort Package is around 20K for 2 nights 3 days. This is cheaper that individuals bookings for 2 nights which can run up to Rs. 28000 to 30000. Activities may cost extra.

Q3. What are some of the unique experiences that guests can enjoy as part of the resort packages in Coorg, such as trekking, plantation tours, or cultural events?

Ans. There are a number of exquisite monuments, adventure sports, tours, activities and cultural activities in Coorg that guests can enjoy as part of their package. Depending on your package, the cost of these activities and ticket prices may be included in the package cost.

Q4. Are there any resorts in Coorg that offer specialized packages for couples, families, or groups, and what are the specific features of these packages?

Ans. There are many resorts in Coorg such as the Amritara Ambatty Greens Resort that offer specialized packages that offer tailor made inclusions and hand picked experiences suitable for couples, families or groups. For example, in some couple packages, a romantic dinner, couples massage or special room decorations may be included. For families, visits to family friendly places such as amusement parks may be included.

Q5. How can guests customize their Coorg resort packages to suit their preferences, such as by choosing specific activities, adding meals or transportation, or extending their stay?

Ans. Guests can design their own package with curated inclusions by communicating their needs and preferences to the resort. The reservations team can provide relevant information and help guests design a package that fits their time frame, interests and budget.





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