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North Goa is taking off. After years of friendly rivalry with South Goa and the forests of Karnataka for attention, this small and central part of Goa has definitively gained the edge. One big factor in the rise of North Goa is the launch of a new airport in Mopa, which is a big boost for connectivity for the old township.


North Goa was the original focal point around which the popular party capital of India was built and developed over time. Breathtakingly beautiful beaches, peaceful lagoons, groves of palm trees and remnants of the original Portuguese landing sites make for an intoxicating mix that enchants and overcomes.



Why choose North Goa?


When it comes to a choosing a destination for a staycation, one should pick a pleasant place that is peaceful and secluded but still offers the potential for excitement and adventure. Goa offers just this kind of opportunity with its wide-open spaces, buzzing atmosphere and moderate climate.


In Goa, one can shut in with all the facilities and creature comforts possible or go out to a galaxy of people, adventurous activities and exciting places. From the beaches of Mandrem and Arambol to the boutiques of old town, the plethora of options here are a comforting thought, even if you never indulge in them.


What to do in North Goa?


North Goa is the more upscale and organized part of the state. It is dotted with government buildings and administrative offices that run Goa and look after its day-to-day functioning.  Hence, it has a more developed infrastructure and evolved facilities for different types of activities. Here are some of the best things you can do here:


Socialize: Party the night away any one of Goa’s many bars, restaurant and dance clubs or head outdoors to Shiva Valley for electronic music and a vibrant hippie subculture. The state has one of the most vibrant social scenes in the country due to the welcoming native customs, diverse flow of tourists and a cosmopolitan culture.


Heritage Sites: There are many beautiful monuments in North Goa built by the Portuguese and by the local population itself. Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, Bom Jesus Basilica, Shri Mangueshi Temple, Reis Magos Fort are just some of the stunning and deeply fascinating heritage sights that are worth visiting.


Fine Dining: If you like fine dining and especially if you like sea food, you will love Goa. Its many restaurants are so highly rated that they are globally competitive. With cuisines ranging from local curries to Portuguese specialties and north Indian fare to sublime sea food, Goa is for foodies.


Swimming: In Goa, the beach life is considered to be the good life. With many beautiful beaches in the vicinity serviced by numerous shacks, vendors and stalls, one can have a fun day at the beach here. If you don’t like crowds, try the early morning jog-and-dip as the evenings can get very festive and rowdy.


Adventure Sports: The beach in Goa is not just a pretty place to sit and contemplate infinity; it also provides ample opportunities for adventure activities and serious sports such as scuba diving, sailing, surfing and deep-sea fishing. If an adrenalin rush is what you are looking for, you will surely find your fix here.


Shopping: Goa is a creative place. There are many boutiques and designers here who offer up some amazing products. From pret to pizza sauce and from cashew rum to jute bags, you can find some divine creations at flea markets and shopping places in every nook and cranny. When in Goa, you should definitely pick up a memento that carries with it, the Goa vibe.


Where to stay


For a staycation, where you stay is as important as the destination you choose. For a fun filled and hassle free stay, pick a resort that has a good location and is not exorbitantly expensive. One such place is the Amritara Aura Resort and Spa in Mandrem, deemed to be the place to stay in North Goa by many travel guides.


It is located close to Mandrem Beach, one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Goa. It is also very close to Armbol Beach, a hip and happening place with beachside parties and interesting eateries. It offers a blissful getaway, where the tranquil surroundings and luxurious amenities, make every moment of your Goa 3 night 4 days package truly unforgettable.


The best part of this resort is that it has a serious spa that offers a diverse range of spa and salon services. It also has a yoga-shala and trained yogis to help you along the journey to detoxification and wellness. Enjoy an early morning yoga class followed by a massage and end the day with a restive scrub or wrap to enhance the feeling of wellbeing. Isn’t that what staycations are all about?









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