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Things you need to know for a surreal experience


The Delhi to Kasauli road trip is classic. Many have made this trip but few understand the nuances and subtleties that make it a truly rewarding and surreal experience. To get the most out of your road trip, we have a few tips and tricks that will guide your path and help you traverse this path like a pro.


The distance from Delhi to Kasauli road trip is about 300 Kms, which takes around 6-8 hours. This depends on a multitude of factors such as the time you leave Delhi, traffic condition, weather conditions and the luck of the road, which can turn on you without warning unless you are careful.


It is best to escape Delhi early in the morning, or so late at night that sunrise is already beginning to spill in from the horizon. Leaving Delhi is a challenge due to incessant traffic but once you hit highway NH1, its relatively smooth sailing for the rest of the trip.


The first stop along the way is Murthal. The Murthal  Dhabas are legendary and serve up the kind of food you need for the road ahead. In Murthal, one can get parathas dripping with white butter and stuffed with just about anything you can dream of. They are traditionally served with pickes and curd and little else is needed except perhaps a tall glass of cold Lassi.


From Murthal, the tendency is to make a beeline for Ambala. The road here is relatively good and the open fields on either side egg you on, giving you the impression that you have finally liberated yourself from the concrete jungle. You pass Karnal and continue towards Chandigarh.


After reaching Ambala and well before Chandigarh, one has to take a right turn from Zirkapur flyover. This is an important turn and if you miss it, you will head straight into Chandigarh and probably end up losing an hour or so.


Slowly, the mustard fields give way to foothills and you feel the majestic Himalayas usher you in. From Maxima Chowk, one takes a left for Kasauli. This is the last major turn on this roadtrip and the way ahead is relatively simple.


After the left from Maxima Chowk, you find yourself on the kind of narrow, winding roads that are the hallmark of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is important to drive carefully on these roads as they are thick with busses and trucks on tight schedules.


Once you enter Kasauli, you will notice a change in architecture. Kasauli is dotted with Colonial era buildings and cobbled roads signaling that you have arrived at the hill station. 


Upon entering, one is inundated by hoardings for hotels in Kasauli. Resist the temptation to check into the first property that seems inhabitable and instead make your way to the Mall Road. Here, you can gauge the mood of the natives and get something to eat.


Once you have checked in to the hotel of your choice, you can begin to think about places to visit in Kasauli. It is best to begin with Christ Church, an old church with a somber atmosphere where service is still held.


After visiting the church, one can visit the famous Kasauli Brewery which serves stiff drinks of Whiskey or purchase bottles of the fabled “flower wines” and “fruit wines” that are popular in the area. After a drink or two, one can head to Sunset Point, Sunrise Point or check out the historic Gurkha Fort.


If you are looking for a place to stay in Kasauli, our best choice is Amritara The Chateau. It has some of the best views in the area and offers rooms with attached gardens and balconies. It is strategically located in Palti, near Sanawar School, and has several good restaurants and shops around it.




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